Lissi, AWLM


Rimmed by dark lashes her eyes are crystal green and slightly uptilted at the outer corners. Ebon curls hang just past her shoulders and frame her face, nicely offsetting her fair, smooth complexion. On the short side, she stands just a hair above 5'1 and her figure, while curvy, is small, though well proportioned, with toned limbs balancing her hourglass shape.



Nalissi has only ever known one of her parents, her mother, Ava. Born and raised in a cothold outside Greenfields Hold, life was perhaps hard at times but rather simple. Her mother's entire family lived there as well so she never lacked for anything material or otherwise. A bright and inquisitive girl her uncle Aaron used to say she was a fox in girl's clothing, with her red-auburn hair and sparkling eyes, nimble fingers and a vibrant, playful personality.

Ava was from a family of farmers for as many generations back as any could remember, with a special affinity for plants and their uses, some say she might've been a rather skilled alchemist had duty and circumstance not held her to the Cothold, though she will never reveal either reason in great detail. "It is mine to do," is her famous answer. That affinity seemed to find its way to Nalissi as she showed interest at a young age in gathering, mixing and playing with the different plants. Though instead of their uses for medicine or things like that, Nalissi loved to mix colors and earned the reputation of always having stained fingers and dirty dresses from her experiments. Not long before her ninth turnday one such experiment seemed to set in motion a path she still pursues. She'd found a bone and used it to stir something she was making then when it was drawn out of the liquid, the scratches and gouges in the bone were darker orange than the rest of the bone had been dyed in the stirring process.

Thus began her work. She'd find anything she could scratch and etch then rub it with dye, creating beautiful things, though none of them very useful until one day a woman in the cothold said she wished she had a necklace with a little picture like that on it. Eager to please Nalissi did just that. And soon began learning to cut and make her own medallions and even smaller pieces to scratch and dye. Her family was proud to send her to Telgar to continue her work, her interests now extending to metals and other materials, and now not only dye but tiny pieces of dyed bone, glass, gems, metals, whatever she can find and use, set into patterns to form pictures. Her work is very intricate and detailed and sometimes tiny, thankfully so are her hands and her magnifying glasses make it easier to see when she works.

One evening on a visit to Western she was searched by a dragon and after her time as a candidate found her lifemate, Damasth, on the sands. Now named "Lissi" by her mate, a whole new life has begun. As if life hadn't changed enough over the past turn or so, she has found herself loved by one of the most notorious men of Pern, Dhonzayth's L'ton. What began as a fond friendship and occasional trysts blossomed into a love story worth of a Harper's tale. L'ton asked Lissi to be his weyrmate and through tearful laughter she said yes.


Name Relation Location Position
L'ton Weyrmate Western Wingleader
Zavrielle (L'ton) Daughter Western
N'kor Cousin Western MIA
Ava Mother Greenfields Hold Herbalist


Blue Rumble

Small, but fat, this blue seems to be carrying the vast majority of his weight around his torso. Navy blue coats his wide back and his pudgy tummy, while midnight blue is winding like shadows up each of his short, thick limbs. Darkness begins to engulf him from the end of his forked tail, quickly taking over the majority of it, even as the same corrupting hue is licking at the thick sails of his small wings. His muzzle is wide, flattened at the end, and there is a mark of light blue between his large nostrils, like a burn mark scarring the hide, the same color here and there on the razor sharp ridges on his back.

Blue Twitch

A newhatched Blue firelizard hatchling.

Green Damasth

Brilliantly green, the hide of this dragon is captured in swirling patterns that seem to dance across her body, fading from view as the light changes. Ribbons of bright green slide across her muzzle only to slowly slip away into nothingness as the vivid hue approaches her swanlike neck and settles into her narrow shoulders. A watermarked delight are her wings, with their dizzying array of damasked designs across her thin translucent wingsails and separated into sections by the darker ribbons of her wingspars. The rest of her body is lithe and very slender, from her barely rounded chest and then back to her slim flanks, each watermarked with the palest of greened rainbows across the smooth hide. Her forearms and haunches are extremely slender, marked with wiry muscle and strong bone hidden beneath the delicate structure and seeming fragileness of her feet and arching half moon talons. Her last finishing touch is the graceful seeming length of her tail, enhanced by the damascene pattern across her ridges and then appearing folded back and forth in a ripplish veneer across her tail finial.

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