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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Naranh Cothold
Occupation Healer
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
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Born in a small Runner and traveller's waypost cotholld between Monaco Bay and Xanadu, Natali was the only child of the couple who maintained it. Her father, Dassin, managed the place, as well as hunted for food and hide in the area, while her mother, Claire, was a Journeywoman Healer, who having been born to Farmcraters, supplemented Dassin's hunting by keeping a sizable vegetable garden. Natali herself was a happy child, although she was always aware of the wilderness around her home, and took care to stay close.
One of the regular visitors to the cot was a sad, scarred Harper woman, who traveled to the various cots and holds along the route, but always seemed to avoid the weyrs. She grew fond of Natali, and made a point of always playing for the little girl, as wll as teaching her to dance, which she discovered that she loved, and did so whenever she could. However, she also displayed a fascination fo her mother's craft, and when she wasn't doing chores or dancing, she was studying her mother's texts or else hanging around the cot's small infirmary.

Not long before her thirteenth turnday, Claire sent Natali to Xanadu with a small bag of clothes, a handfull of marks, and a letter of introductiion, where she was taken a-dragonback to Fort Hold, and Healercraft hall, to begin her apprenticeship. At first she had trouble, until it was determined by the masters that her vision was imperfect. A trip to Glasscraft ahall and a pair of glasses later, her scores began to improve, and she was one of the more respected apprentices. At last, about halfway thrugh her eighteenth turn, she walked the tables.


Name Relation Location Position
Claire Mother Naranh Cothold Cotholder
Dassin Father Naranh Cothold Cotholder




Title OOC Date Cast
Time To Shine! July 24, 2016 Aglaia, Citayzleat, Emiallis, Heryn, K'vir, Natali, Sundari
Morbid Curiosities July 25, 2016 Citayzleat, Heryn, Natali
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