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Gender Female
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Western Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Black
Eyes Blue

Nisa is is slightly scrawny as far as her build goes. But what she lacks in muscle she makes up for in height, standing at a full 510. Her skin is a sickly shade of pale the burns easily in the sun. Although she has managed to keep her face mostly clear freckles and marks from the sun cover her shoulders, arms, and the back of her hands. Not that her face is completely clear, there is a patch of freckles stretching across the bridge of her nose. Her eyes are almond shaped and a very pale shade of blue. She keeps her hair long, going down to about her shoulders. Ragged bangs color her forehead. It is black color and thin with many split ends. When it comes to clothes she normally dresses in darkly colored garments, normally nothing casual. Instead she wears clothes fit to go to an important meeting in or get some good work done, no matter how casual the occasion might be.


When Naris was born to Canis and Neral in Western Weyr she was a rather sickly baby, not expected to make it through the night. Canis stayed up all night with her daughter, watching the healers and giving them her advice. She was a journeyman healer and felt that if her daughter died she would not only have failed as a mother but as a crafter. In a stroke of luck and good work by the healers little Naris did make it through the night, which soon became a week, then a month, then a year. As she aged she did gain strength, although she was never quite able to keep up with the other weyrbrats. Some of them would mock her about it, calling her a weakling and saying that it would be too dangerous for her to do anything but sit there. They called her useless, never able to amount to anything. This angered her and, in an attempt to prove them wrong, she began to put all her energy into working. Whatever job she could get her hands on, anything would do. As she entered her teens this continued until eventually it got to the point that she rarely relaxed. Along with this she became cold and withdrawn thanks to turns of avoiding other people. Eventually she reached a point that she was strong enough to try to stand for a dragon, but she never tried simply because she didn't feel that she wanted a dragon yet. Despite reaching that important mark she knows very well that she will never be that strong, not that she cares any more. After all, brains outweigh brawn.


Name Relation Location Position
Canis Mother Western Weyr Journeyman Healer
Neral Father Western Weyr Resident




This firelizard is a sturdy, strong brown. Good musculature and big thick wings complement the thick limbs and strong bones that seem to make him up. Whether he is perched on a shoulder, flying overhead, or curled up in the sun; this little brown looks confident in all that he does. He sports a nice thick muzzle and intense looking eyes, with two pointy ridges behind them. A deep chocolate brown covers the majority of the top side of his hide. The deep chocolate ends abruptly at his eyes and the start of his muzzle, instead turning to a more muddy brown for his muzzle and belly. Limbs retain the darker brown, with black claws to top them off.
Ramble is banded in the colors of his owner's home.


Lost Gone Found Green Anshenuith

Spring's first leaves drape across a delicate frame, the pale greens dappled as though by the morning sunlight. Honeyed dewdrops freckle from her chiseled muzzle and proud cheeks, and darken over her headknobs. Her lithe, sinuous neck is soft green, the shade giving way to the slightly darker, dappled moss green which covers much of her narrow chest and body. Her back is much brighter, touched more strongly by sunshine such that the bright light filters the mossy hue to chartreuse along her shoulders. The shades lighten more still across her fragile wingsails. Tones of honey-gold filter the nearly-transparent wings, promising to catch the true sun's light beautifully. The shade darkens towards the base of her wings, and dapples of honey gold and chartreuse filter down her legs and towards her tail. Clouds of spring green float down that long, whippy tail, while shadows darken into forest green along its underside.


Title OOC Date Cast
Colorful Music (Anshenuith's Flight) July 2, 2015 Nisa, K'yan, Kiena, Anshenuith, Khaneth, Ujinath
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