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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Trader Caravan
Occupation Weaver Apprentice
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Brown soft curls run rampant down this girl's head and back to the middle of her back. Her skin is ruddy from being outside. Dark chocolatey eyes view the world. Arched brown eyebrows perch over the dark eyes like bridges over water. The young lady's nose in the center of her face is a series of soft lumps over her mouth. Rosy lips complete her face but for a softly angular chin. Her ears can't be seen through her curls, unless she pulls her hair into a pony tail which is quite often, unless it is a Gather Day and her hair is worn down. Her body is that of an active young lady learning her trade from the Weavercraft. Her shirt and dress are a carefully contrived mass of colors swirled together with splats of other colors accidentally dropped on them. She also is either wearing plain sandals in summer or boots with socks that match one color of her tiedyed clothing in the fall and winter.


She grew up mixing life in Half Moon Bay Weyr with summers on the traders' roadways visiting family. Sometimes she would visit some of her extended family that had settled down around Xanadu Weyr, and the hold. When she turned twelve, she sneaked into "Cousin Shairla's" dye wagon and was caught dipping some of her great grandfather's undyed light tan roses into a mix of red blue and white swirled dyes. Shairla swooped down on her as a natural talent and introduced her to one of the Weavercraft masters when they were at a Xanadian Gather and the rest is history… Master Cosette took the young lady under her wing, and they travel about looking for things to dye and clothes to make.


Name Relation Location Position
Ametyrrie Walk Mother Trade Caravan Trader
Nyricken Rivers Father Trade Caravan Trader
Jericken Brother Trade Caravan Trader
Anorryna Sister Trade Caravan Trader




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