Junior Weyrwoman Orla


Standing about 5'8" this girl is of a stocky build, though on even the slightest of glances it's readily apparent that it's all muscle and not a trace of fat. Her hair is a dark shade of red with sun-lightened streaks brightening it up. It hangs down straight and curls out over her shoulders. It's slightly shorter at the front where some darker soot blackened strands frame her face of pale freckled skin. Short dark lashes and auburn eyebrows frame a pair of large pale grey eyes that exude a certain harsh confidence. A flat button nose and a mouth that seems a display of defiance in itself finish off the look. Despite the paleness of her freckled skin she looks like someone who is well used to working outdoors, and heavy work at that given her broad shoulders and well toned and muscled arms and legs. At a guess she looks to be around 24 Turns.
She is wearing a simple sleeveless short tunic made of light brown tanned leather that fits snugly to her toned body, it laces from the neck to about mid chest but is left open at the top end. Under the tunic a light green blouse can be seen peeking out at the neck, hemline and the billowing sleeves that come down past her wrists before folding back to be held in tight by a pair of carved wooden buttons. The small design on the buttons is the conifer of the Woodcraft. She wears a pair of tanned leather trousers that once again fit tightly to her muscled legs before they tuck into the tops of a pair of well-worn boots. Finishing off the outfit is the rest of her fur lined riding leathers, worn jacket, helmet and gloves.
On her shoulder is a knot made up of triple loops of aqua, purple and black cord, with a single tassel of silver that identifies her as a junior weyrwoman of Western Weyr.
Around her wrist is fastened a small gold bracelet; the links made up of tiny firelizard shaped links, each about a centimetre in length.


Born and raised on a farmhold in the Telgar valley she didn't have any choice but to follow the family way and was used to labouring on the farm from an early age. Mind you for a young girl, this mostly meant dealing with light chores but as she grew older she wasn't afraid to get stuck in about the heavy work. She had a thing for building blocks and was often seen making houses and barns with them. As she grew older she graduated up to making wooden models that were so strong that it wasn't long before she was getting in under the feet of the people working on the new building project on the farm, pointing out a major flaw with the proposed designed. It was only when it fell down and the youngster added a 'told you so' that they went back to the design and they listened to what she had to say, she was right. It was suggested that she may be a good candidate for the woodcraft.
She moved over the mountains to the Woodcraft Hall in Lemos the day after her thirteenth turnday and took up residence there as an apprentice. Her affinity led her more towards the areas of construction and she could generally be found in the workshops crafting beams and joists or poring over architects drawings for whatever project she was assigned or in a lot of cases wasn't assigned and was just looking at between her lessons.
That all changed the day Torith turned up on site to deliver a bundle of supplies that she was needing to finish off a millrace. With a promise that she could come to the weyr as a candidate only once she had completed the work on the millrace A'lian helped her with her work and then she flew back to the Hall to inform her masters and pack her belongings.


Name Relation Location Position
Failee Mother
Tristan Father
Shailiha Sister
Geldon Brother
Wigg Brother
Simon Brother


Bubbles of mud break and swell like blisters across the wingsails and back of this brown firelizard, but make no mistake, there is nothing wrong with this hide. His whole body seems to be more rounded than usual, his haunches wider than his ribs which are wider than his chest which is wider than his pudgy wedge shaped head. The majority of his color is a flakey gray clay, motled with ash and a few swirls of yellow sulfar across his meaty haunches. His squat neck is dashed with cobalt, the color splashing along his lower jaw and the arch of his throat. Hidden beneath his wingsails is an unexpected explosion of deepest wood brown.
Derlef is 2 Turns, 2 months, and 24 days old and is 54 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 86 cm.

This fella is an ice cold blue. Looking at him might remind one of the heart of a glacier. The color of his hide varies as the colors of the glacier do. His eye ridges and the edge of his neck ridges are a deep dark blue. His tail is whip thin. Palest ice blue talons tip his paws.
Fian is 3 Turns, 1 month, and 9 days old and is 49 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 80 cm.

Poise and elegance define every refined line of this petite green. Ribbons of verdant sisal encase dainty limbs, right down to her long, thin tail tipped with a perfect spade. Her wide, stately wings are a true example of splendor, rich in color, and true to a pure, green shade, untouched by any other tinctures. This tendency holds true along the rest of her, the only exception being a silvery-green sheen around her headknobs, a crowning touch, the color melding back into green over her elongated muzzle and narrow neck.
Brigid is 3 Turns, 2 months, and 6 days old and is 42 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 68 cm.


Springtime Umbrage Gold Nieleth
Rukbat's warmth suffuses this queen's hide with a brilliant sheen, lean and lanky form awash in citrine hues. Long of limb and eager in step, her motions are fluid, graceful as if the medium she moves through is not earth but ether. Shapely headknobs are embellished with touches of jasmine, small speckles of paleness that almost seem a crown of blossoms for that wedge-shaped head, brow smooth above wide, capricious eyes. Well-defined wings stretch widely with sails of green-gold, spring chasing cooler ivories along both spar and bone to gather and pool at their tips. Glittering as if scattered by a chilly wind, darker goldenrod spreads down her chest and along beneath her belly, reflected in glints that shine from obsidian talons: darkness in an otherwise luminous beauty.
Settled about Nieleth are a set of riding straps, they aren't fancy in any way simply made of unadorned brown leather and plain metal buckles. They are designed for function rather than fashion, for the simple task of keeping her rider in the right place during flight.

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