This boy has a slim build, but with round cheeks and the usual awkwardness of adolescence evident in his every movement. A fine-boned face is dominated by a pair of wide green eyes and a narrow nose, jaw strong despite the softness in the rest of his features. His hair is a mop of reddish browns, wisps of it tangling around his ears and brushing over narrow eyebrows in a slightly darker shade. His skin is fair, with traces of a tan, and there's a bit of acne smattered across his forehead. The boy's hands have curious off-color blemishes along the knuckles, old scars long-healed. His build and height are nothing remarkable, though he is a tad short for his age, which looks to be around fifteen turns.


Patori was born to two riders from different weyrs. The product of a flight rather than mutual feelings, his mother nonetheless chose to raise him. Around his fifteenth turn, she apparently changed her mind about the whole childcare business, and Pat was sent to his father at Western. The dragonrider did what he usually does in such situations, and sent the boy off to be fostered. Pat is a typical weyrbrat, getting underfoot and occasionally being helpful. He barely sees his parents, who are not weyrmates, and therefore have little to do with each other - though they both have some amount of contact their son. Despite being painfully shy at times, Pat helps out where he can in the weyr, assisting various lower cavernfolk with whatever odd jobs they need doing. He has a few siblings, some of which are dragonriders, some of which are weyrbrats. He's not been drawn to any particular craft yet, taking his time, as it were. In the meanwhile, the boy has shown some skill with instruments and some ability to find his way about the kitchens.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
? mother ? rider ?
? father Western Weyr rider ?
? sibling ? rider ?
? sibling ? rider ?
? sibling ? weyrbrat -
? sibling ? weyrbrat -
? sibling ? weyrbrat -



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