Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth
Occupation Guard
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green

Pritkin probably wouldn't be considered traditionally handsome with green eyes, and sandy blonde eyebrows that are simply a dusting of hair above piercing green eyes. An almost too-large nose frames the middle of his face, complemented by thin lips that are chapped more often than not. Three-day stubble clings to his chin with his appearance completed by short, wild hair that seems to defy gravity and can only be referred to as tragic.
Pritkin is clothed in layers, the bottom most being a long sleeved, white tunic that is rolled up to his elbows more often than not. A leather coat fits his shoulders snuggly over this, hanging loose over the rest of his body. Legs are encased by fitted trousers that tuck away just below the knee into a pair of dark boots.


Pritkin is a rebel at his core, albeit due to circumstance rather than a need to thrill-seek. Born to Primta and Rostkin, Pritkin was Rostkin's only child to survive birth. When Primta's life was abruptly cut short during childhood, Pritkin moved to live with his father. For a time, he was enchanted by his father's way of life, but soon became disillusioned and made his way to Half Moon Weyr. He took up study as a guard here, having made a deal with his father that should he fail, he would have to return home to the life he ran away from. The rest, well… The rest is yet to come!


Name Relation Location Position
Primta Mother Deceased
Rostkin Father




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