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Name: Qiana
Birthday: Day 21 of Month 1, Turn 2673
Gender: Female
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Grey-Blue
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: ~120 - 125 lbs (Slim)
Position: Senior Apprentice
Craft: Beast
Specialty: Runners (General), Jockey
Birthplace: Western Weyr
Current Home: Western Weyr
Dragon: N/A
Firelizards: Blue Yeori, Green Taimi, Brown Mokka

Character Model: Amy Adams


Qiana is not a tall creature, reaching only 5’ 4” with her slight frame. Her body is on the thinner side, her few muscles merely corded instead of bulky, the main mass riding in her flat abdomen and toned legs, leaving some in her arms as well. Slight as she is, she still manages to portray a feminine figure with delicate curves. Her face is of an oval construction, further conveying delicate features with a straight, pert nose, thin lips, slightly lower cheek bones and a pair of almond-shaped eyes, slate blue in hue. Her hair is thick, but straight and auburn in it’s coloring as it reaches down to the bottom of her shoulder blades, with feathered layers starting around her chin.

Her clothing is simple, if on the tighter side. A tunic the color of sea foam with a deep runnershoe scooped neck seems to be of a comfortable fit, the sleeves being of a short length. The tunic splits open on the sides at the top of her hips, the resulting panels going down to the middle of her thighs while being held down with a black wherhide belt. Underneath the tunic is a simple, light weight camisole of black. Her pants are more like work-weight leggings in a rich golden brown fabric. On her feet are a pair of black wherhide boots which lace in the front, reaching to just below her knees, simple and clean cut.


Born to Rissian – a lower caverns maid at Western Weyr - and the bluerider Q’dir – a rider on the losing end of a mating flight – Qiana spent her early years with the virtually anonymous mass of children produced from flights. While not truthfully ignored by either parent, neither did either of them lavish vast amounts of attention on the girl.

While her half-sister Idris found her calling with baking, this was not what interested Qiana. The girl could be found making friends in the stables with runners of all sizes and breeds, as well as anything else fuzzy or furry or hide-covered, though thankfully she had the sense to not try and befriend the tunnelsnakes. She tried not to slack on the daily chores assigned to her in the caverns, but without fail she found herself in the stables more often than not, lending her hand there as much as a child could. In her spare time she’d be outside at the runner tracks, watching wistfully.

It was Q’dir, her father, who finally suggested that his daughter should be sent off to apprentice with the Beastcrafters and officially start learning the craft instead of gleaning tidbits off the stablehands. At the age of 13 she was sent off to the Hall to officially become an apprentice. Four turns were spent in the routine of rotating classes with daily chores at the hall, choosing to loosely specialize in runners. One evening new assignments were meted out within the ranks of the Beastcrafters, assigning new Journeymen and women to areas, and pulling others back to the Hall. It was on that evening that she was informed she was to return to Western Weyr with the others being posted.



Rissian: Mother. A lower caverns maid at Western Weyr.
Q'dir: Father. A bluerider located at Western Weyr.
Iris: Half-Sister by Rissian. 3 Turns and 2 Months older than Qiana. Idris was formerly a cook/baker in the Western Weyr kitchens, renowned for her bubbly pies. She is now Iris, rider of Gold Shadhavarth.
R'oy: Half-Brother by Rissian. Impressed at the same clutch as Iris(Idris).

Hall Connections

Master Lution: A breeder of racing runners. He also trains them as well. Qiana volunteered many hours to his service, breaking in racers and learning to race herself while at Keroon's Beast Hall.
Journeyman Dabir: Qiana's mentor at Western Weyr. He was a jockey for a short period of time, until he hit a growth spurt, becoming too heavy and bulky to be a good jockey. Knowing the basics but unable to race, his specialty is runners in general, and has a slightly sour outlook on racing until enthusiasm gets the better of him. He's not cruel about it, but Qiana definitely has to work in order to race.


S'rorn: Qiana's mate at Western Weyr, rider of Brown Nyzieroth. A former trader, he's fond of his jingle-bell belt. S'rorn is wingleader of the Seamount wing.


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