Greenrider R'al


This man stands a few inches under six feet tall. His brown hair is thin, falling just below his ears, and frames his face somewhat. A few strands fall over his forehead. Light bags are set under the sea green colored eyes. His cheek bones are thin, and there is no facial hair upon his face. Not even the trace of it being shaven. Just… none. His shoulders are small, though both of his arms show signs of being worked. Yes. Muscles. Yay. While his build might not be considered by most as 'built', it is certainly not 'light' - or 'heavy', mind you. But something between the 'light' and 'built'. 'Average', perhaps? Something like that. His skin is lightly tanned.

He wears simple clothing, commonly. A white shirt under a tanish… overshirt. Light tan pants, a brown belt and a pair of brown boots. His riding jacket is a dark brown color. Around his left shoulder is his knot - a double cord, brown and black, with an extra thread of green, in a single loop, with a long tail (wingrider at Fort Weyr, bonded to a green dragon).


Ralin was born at Western Weyr, born from a flight of a green and brown rider; he grew up without much of the "Family Environment" stuff. He grew up the average Weyrbrat, and upon reaching the age of 12 was given chores, eventually getting stuck to a stable hand position.Then, at fourteen turns of age, he was searched at Western Weyr. And then what happens, he ends up with the most talkitive green dragon on Pern (in his opinion) as a lifemate. Weyrlinghood was lived through, though the very end wasn't one that R'al would call good, as Zelinath was Proody. R'al, of which is the name he was given by Zelinath upon Impression, graduated to Wingrider of the Ocean Wind Wing at Western Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position


Gold Hideaway
Subtle streaks of sunlight move their way across her surface cloaking her young form in a bath of pure light. Tarnished antique gold hues appear alongside her neck, to curl delicately underneath both front and forelimbs. Scattering of dark saffron appear at her stomach and haunches, while wilted shades of carmine seem to scatter along her wingsails along side more threadlike strands of moonlight. Her length is only added to as her fine and delicate tail of sugared citron stretches out to its full length only to once more curl in a protective circle around her form. Sunlight gathers everywhere else, adding light to where there should be darkness, dazzle to where there should be nothing of interest. Claws curl and click only slightly flashing their brilliant gilded bronze hue with each movement.

Bronze Crank
Seeped in shadowed is this bronze firelizard, from the tip of his long snout to the end of his long snake like tail. The length of his neck filtering along his back are hued the color of rich earthy bronze, this color turns to a more glistening hue as it reaches out across nearly fragile looking wingsails with just a hint of cinnamon in fleeting patterns here and there. Molten copper flows in rich cascades down his under belly reaching over his legs and gold dipped claws before moving up over his hindquarters adding to the rippling of his muscular frame. With only a hint of gold, his deep russet tail lashes out with unending slenderness, though the spade of his tail seems to be the darkest part of him with it's color being nearly black.


Ancient Copper Statue Green Zelinath
Like ancient copper, soft earth tones peek out from under the vivid matte green that the metal forms when aged. Her extremities are brightly shining. Talons, wing spars, tail spade and head knobs all glitter as if the copper was newly poured. As attention migrates inward however, the copper fades to a dark shade of brown and only inches farther, transitions to a glowing sea-foam green at her joints; elbows, hips, knees and the top of her spine. It is this color that dominates her athletically toned form. But even this isn't to last. Wide spread wing sails reveal a green so pale it's more of a green tinted pearl than a true color. Her delicately proportioned head holds the darkest of the green shading, while the greenish-pearl color coats her throat and under-belly. Faceted eyes are wide and alert, barely ringed with that freshly poured copper hue.

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