Portrayed By Marlon Teixeira
Gender Male
Aliases Rhab
Place of Birth Western Weyr
Current Location Western Weyr
Occupation Bookworm
Dragon None


Wavy hair falls in uneven strands to Rhabel's shoulders, dark and thick. Strong cheekbones stand out prominent on an olive skinned face, accented by stubble on the jaw and just under a full set of lips. Bushy brows hang low over round eyes of vibrant green, centering a nose that's not too big, but not too small.

A loose fitting dark forest green shirt hands on Rhabel's top and is tucked neatly into place. One can tell it has been freshly pressed and the only wrinkles that can be found is how the fabric was meant to be. A pair of dark brown pants fit him snugly enough, back pockets typically home to various different writing utensils. Simple matching brown sandals slip over his feet, secured firmly so they slip about when he walks. Perhaps this brown and green color scheme was chosen because it compliments his eyes, making them appear brighter than they really are at times.


Rhaellor and Yanabella were traders of fine goods with a happy life, and a happy marriage. The pair sought to make those around them happy, and were a welcomed sight to family and friends alike. Strangers were given what care they could provide, familiar faces a constant shelter, and eventually their own children were showered in an abundance of love.

First to come was little Rhynor, who had more courage and strength than either of his parents knew what to do with. Rhaellor enjoyed teaching his son many things, and Rhynor was eager to learn, ever his father's shadow. Turns later came Rhabel on a stop to Boll Hold, who was weaker from birth and desired books over physical labor, but was no less loved than his brother.

The two children formed an inseparable bond, Rhynor always looking after Rhabel, and Rhabel always hiding behind Rhynor. It was clear to all parties involved that Rhynor as the center of their little family, and all who knew the boy loved him for it. It was shortly after Rhynor turned 10 (Rhabel nearing 7) that tragedy struck, and Rhynor was lost to them forever. Rhabel was the only witness to the incident, and had been so stricken with grief that, for a very long while, the boy completely ceased to talk.

As with many families who lose children, everything for Rhaellor and Yanabella fell apart, until a coupling of love and devotion turned sour, riddled with anger and resentment. Yana took Rhabel with her to Western Weyr, picking up a post as a nanny while Rhaellor stayed behind, left to his own sorrow.


Name Relation Location Position
Yanabella Mother Western Weyr Resident
Rhaellor Father Harper Hall Journeyman
Ir'e Weyrmate Western Weyr Bluerider
Idrea Step-Daughter Western Weyr Ir'e/Ridra Spawn
Lyrabel Step-Daughter Western Weyr Ir'e/Keely Spawn
Theroux Step-Son Western Weyr Ir'e/Rou'x Spawn
Rhei Step-Daughter Western Weyr Ir'e/Rou'x Spawn


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Rha Rha! *pompom shake* (Rhadan and Rabel are searched) March 10, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan, Zi'on
Of Liars and Hypocrites March 13, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan
Egg Snacks (Touching #2) March 15, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan, Sundari
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