Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Occupation Weyrsecond
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Dragon Sultan of the Flame-Kissed Sands Bronze Sindrieth

Dirty blonde curls grace the top of this young man's head which are loose and move about freely. His ocean blue eyes appear a little sad looking, however when he smiles they gain a faint glimmer and his cheeks have dimples. His line of his nose looks a little crooked, perhaps from a previous injury that's healed it that way. His complexion is one of a person who spends plenty of time in the sun, which also causes the ends of his curls to brighten to a light gold color while the roots remain a light brown. He stands at just a hair over six foot in height.

He wears light colors of beige and brown which meld into his appearance nicely. The tunic he wears is a light beige, loose enough to not be certain how his build really is. He appears fairly broad shouldered, tapering down to a narrower waist, though he's not a lithe young man. His pants are a darker brown color, and he almost always seems to wear sandals if he can get away with it. He only wears a braided bracelet on his left wrist, and a knot that shows he's a bronzeriding member of the Phantasm wing at Monaco Bay Weyr.


Middle son to a pair of riders from Ista, Airen was the middle of five children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. He was fostered for a while, and when he became old enough to help out with his younger siblings, he did so. His mother Aria is a greenrider, and his father R'ener a bluerider - though each of his siblings has a different father except the two youngest girls. Airen always has known responsibility, and even though he does have a streak of mischief, he typically was a decent child. He was perceptive, intelligent, and curious - all the things that would eventually make him a good healer, or a good con man. Finally his mother settled on a weyrmate, and when his youngest sister was nine and Airen was twelve, he sought to find his calling as a healer.

Airen is a natural charmer, and is decent at sleight of hand, which may have won him a few games of poker in the past. Of course, it's also the reason his nose is a little crooked, from where it was broken before and didn't heal as well as hoped. He excelled at his studies, and even though he worked hard to get to his position, he is also well known for knowing how to have a good time. He sought a posting to Ista after he gained his promotion.

Staying in Ista Weyr for a couple turns, he was snatched away by Miyan and asked to stand for a clutch at Eastern. Not expecting to Impress, Airen mingled with the candidates and sought to keep his attention on learning more about surgery which is his main focus. Despite being one of the candidates least interested in impressing - he didn't walk off the sands alone. Sindrieth decided that R'en was his lifemate, and that was that. The bronze was certainly not what he was expecting, if he was going to walk off with any dragon at all. Weyrlinghood went quickly, though R'en was fast to join the Phantasm wing and continue his work with healing.

Relationships aren't something that R'en falls easily into, and perhaps a bit of his heart is still left in Ista with the woman he left behind when he impressed Sindrieth.


Name Relation Position Age Position
Aria Mother Ista Weyr +26 Greenrider
R'ener Father Ista Weyr +30 Bluerider
A'ne Brother Fort Weyr +5 Brownrider
Braden Brother Ista Weyr +3 Handyman
Riana Sister Ista Weyr -1 Greenrider
Braiye Sister Ista Weyr -3 Bluerider


Bronze Kai


Sultan of the Flame-Kissed Sands Bronze Sindrieth

Veins of deep burgundy course through opalescent daggers of harlequin quartz, forming the blood spattered claws of this lean dragon. Each deadly instrument originates from a slender limb coated in flakes of tarnished rust. As they race upwards, the scale-like discs blend together, creating an ebony pool that flows over well defined muscles, hiding them beneath a blanket of darkness. The shadowy umbra begins to soar as it reaches the dragon's chest, rippling skywards before wrapping itself around tapered muzzle and sharp jawline. Streams of molten copper seep through the night canvas, fashioning a mask of burning magma from which two intense orbs stare out. The vibrant swirls of color housed in each large eye contrast starkly with the gray volcanic ash that scatters across each jagged spinal ridge. Platinum cinders flood paper-thin wings in a single gleaming sheet whose edges curl in upon themselves, crackling and burning with obsidian flame. From beneath near-translucent wingsails comes the hushed glow of embers, which encircles each structure in a dull halo of bronze light. The true spectacle however, is what lies below this inky guise. What was thought to be a cloudy aura shining through, reveals genuine brilliance when wings flare. Wispy jets of sepia and honey weave together, writhing hypnotically to form ever-shifting patterns that tease and beckon. Lustrous bands of amber braid through the multi-shaded anarchy, like thick ribbons of precious stone hidden amongst dilapidated ruins. The luminous phosphorescence entrances and mesmerizes while carving its mark on the dragon's sinewy body, but takes its splendor no farther than his wings. For if that sweeping blaze were to spread, covering long frame and lava dipped tail, all secrets would be given away, and it is only when time is taken to explore heavily obscured depths that genuine worth is discovered.


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