Cute, certainly, describes Rae - what with her almost coppery brown curls and her large blue eyes, and her slightly pudgy cheeks. Standing at about 5'8", she's neither too thin nor too round, instead her body is settled into a proper shape with average curves. Freckles cover her face and her arms, giving her a youthful appearance.


Unremarkable is probably the best word for Raevella's childhood - Daughter of a lower cavern's woman at Western Weyr, she was raised more by the nannies than anyone else, merely one of the children of the Weyr. She wasn't particularly talented at a single task - certainly her stitches are passable, her voice not unbearable, and her cooking at least edging towards edible, but neither do her skills shine. As she aged, she made no move to pursue a craft, instead looking at general duties around the weyr - for a while spending most of her time working in the Laundry.

Of course, all that was bound to change when she found herself Searched by a Weyr's blue rider, and sent packing to the candidates dorms. Despite her bets to the contrary, she was surprised to find herself with a green life mate at the end of the hatching, and together she headed into Weyrlinghood with Taiyokanth.


Name Relation Location Position
Lynaeva Daughter (J'yn) Half Moon Bay Weyr Child
Evaeris Daughter (Zi'on) Half Moon Bay Weyr Child


Bronze Boskirk
Two shades of bronze swirl and blend together; creating a marbled effect that flows over his hide. Built long and lithe, with a rounded muzzle and a short head and neck, his body is lean and muscled with broad wingsails touched with toasted cinnabar. Past his hind legs, the truly astounding length of his tail makes up nearly half his entire length, so long and sinuous, it looks as if they are two separate entities. Dappled dollops of dark bronze — nearly a shade of darkened henna — are scattered randomly across his body, even down the marbled span of his incredibly long tail. And most curiously of all, right at the junction of shoulder and chest, lying in perfect symmetry on either side, are two large black spots, rimmed in pale bronze.

Green Caprica
Chartreuse of an almost yellow hue drapes over the top of this slim, diminutive-looking green firelizard. Over her slim shoulders and down her back, coating the top of her slender tail, even covering her haunches and the entirety of all four limbs, leaving her talons as a slightly darker olive color. A subdued fern green covers where the chartreuse does not, mostly a uniform color along her head and down the back of her proudly arched neck, though on it's underside, spilling down her belly and the bottom of her forked tail, there comes a delicate brocade pattern in a soft mossy color. The chartreuse that covers the majority of her form also swathes the bone structure of her wings, though the membranes are a glory to behold, nearly translucent with their honeydew hue.


A Lovely Little Green Taiyokanth
Delicate of feature and rather small compared to other dragons, this petite green makes a statement, not with size but vivid coloration. Tiny mint-hued speckles spray across her dark green wingsails, the base color so dark that it looks almost black. The dusting of pale flecks becomes more dense nearer to the base of her wings and spreads around her upper body to give way completely to a light underbelly and throat. The rest of her body is sooty green, the appearance of her hide akin to plush velvet, providing a showy contrast to the very pale markings on her wingsails and another smattering of the specks along the underside of her long, dainty tail. Perhaps the most spectacular accent is best seen when her wings are unfurled fully where dual bands of the mint color extend from the top, outer curve of the wing downward in a subtle V shape. The pale stripes define the darker center where the natural line of the wing forms the subtle curvature of a heart which condenses to a teardrop when the grand sails fold against her back.


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