Brownrider Re're


Re're's dirty blonde hair has been cut a bit too short to really suit his face, making it seem almost too large, despite his prominent nose, and dark brown eyes. His eyes are set wide, under low, dark brows, while a dimple sits in the middle of his chin. By no means thin, Re're's slimmed down, his form of a sturdy size, neither too big nor too small, as he stands at nearly 5'9".

Re're wears a set of dark brown leathers which have been cut to be somewhat flattering, while beneath the jacket is a dark cream shirt, and polished black boots clad his feet.


Rendre has never really worked too hard in his life, being the youngest of 14 children, he got off rather easy when it came to chores. Son of a pair of traders, he usually managed to wheedle his way onto a wagon, rarely having to walk, and as such rarely doing anything. He's certainly not a fan of physical activity, and being the youngest, rarely was given jobs to do, the harder ones given to his elder siblings, as well as his nieces and nephews. Generally speaking, his klutzy nature kept him from doing delicate work, while his tendencies of making a mess without any attempt to clean it up kept him from being considered a presentable member of the group. On the last trading stop in Eastern, his parents decided that he needed to learn what work was like, and left him there. However, despite his parent's wishes, he's still just lounging around, avoiding work whenever he can.

After a failed candidacy at Eastern, Re're headed to Igen, where he Impressed to everyone's surprise, going home with brown Saenkarith. Managing to stay out of *too* much trouble throughout Weyrlinghood, he graduated with the rest of his class, and soon his eye turned to his classmate Airen. Disappointed when the young woman became pregnant with another man's children, they soon worked it out, and the children might as well have been his. In time, the Weyrmating became official, and the twins would be followed over the turns by 3 others.

Through the turns, the pair would eventually move to Western to be closer to Airen's father - the Weyrleader at the time, the greenrider taking up the post as Weyrsecond while Re're found a position as Wingleader. After turns, they both stepped down to spend more time with each other, and then they moved themselves and their brood to Xanadu Weyr, where they are now settling in.


Name Relation Location Position
Reia Mother Unknown Trader
Desas Father Unknown Trader
Airen Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr
Aidrea Daughter Xanadu Weyr
Dreia Daughter Xanadu Weyr
Derin Son Xanadu Weyr
Xaliyan Son Xanadu Weyr
Aidar Adopted Son Xanadu Weyr
Saire Adopted Daughter Xanadu Weyr


Brown Brat
Short, stubby and most certainly chubby would have to be the first three words to come to mind when eying this brown over, as the limbs are almost too short, the illusion compounded by the fact that his chest and belly seem to sag towards the ground. Stubby wings of a dull, over-washed brown are the same hue as the rest of his hide, aside from slightly more grey-toned splotches under his triangular head. A few off-hued spots mar his head knobs and eye ridges as well, though the ridges running down his back to the tip of his, again, stubby tail are a slightly richer brown.

Blue Beast
A newhatched Blue firelizard hatchling.

Green Doll
Simplicity comes in many forms, shapes and colors. This green girelizard seems to have gather all those forms into her delicate self. Over all her shape is slender, streamlined for the lack of a better word, her small wedge shaped head blends perfectly into the long line of her neck before it melds into the svelt length of her back. The colors that sweep over her are for sure the purest green hue that one can find on Pern, though as it moves down over her belly it does turn to a more blue shade before lightening back to the original color as it moves down her trim legs only to end in dashing lemonlime hued claws. Sweeping out in a delicate fan off her shoulders are wings that seem to be made from the finest lace, making them look like they'd hardly support her in flight. Her tail seems to add a bit of pert flair to her overall delicacy, with it's hues darkening slightly as it travel down the coiled length to end in a emerald spade.



Untamed Weatherbeaten Heroism Brown Saenkarith
Like rain-drenched soil after a heavy rainstorm, tenebrous earthy tones of chocolate and molasses cling thirstily to this hatchling's hide; somber hues of umber brown that mirrors his lean, serpentine frame, capturing each slight curve of shoulder and flank in vivid detail of swarthy syrup-brown shadows. Hints of lighter brown, flickers of cinnamon and topaz can be seen along his lower jaws, wisps of color that streak down along his lower belly. Fawn touches along the near iridescence of his large narrow wings. Almost resembling a convoluted curvature of a dragon, this is especially noticeable along his neck, which appears just a little bit longer than usual, or along his tail; once again long and sinuous. His head appears longer and slightly narrower than most dragons would, and there's an angular awkwardness to his limbs; definitely more flexuous than the norm. Despite the loamy dark chocolaty brown that coats silky-soft hide, his lithe frame is not hidden in the darker contrast of his coloration. He's whipcord-lean, and yet there clings to him a certain aura; one of easily movement, and meandrous grace.

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