Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Bitra Hold
Occupation Occupation
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Dragon Pralayth

Apple-cheeked and sweet, this blond-haired and blue-eyed young woman is the very vision of innocence. Of average height and with a petite build, she often looks slightly younger than she truly is - which is somewhere in her late teens. Her hair is fairly long, with lengthy bangs framing the curves of her face. Her lips are lush and oft-glossed; her cheeks rouged up just a touch to bolster her youthful seeming. She's quick to smile and quicker to laugh; she's just That Girl, Pern's answer to the Girl Next Door.

Bracelets of wood and metal claim her wrists; a white ribbon of a choker encircles her throat. She's typically found in wrap-style dresses in bright colors and beads, often with some kind of brilliant gem for a broach to keep it in place. Sandals cover her feet, lacing up to her shin. Her hair is allowed to tumble freely, restrained only by a headband to match her dress. Her shoulder bears well the burden of a brownrider's knot at Half Moon Bay Weyr.


"Daddy had a dragon;
Mama had a debt.
Little baby Rezia
Was her best bet.

Sold to a family of traders,
Raised as one of their own,
Life was mighty fine,
'til baby Rezia was grown.

Now proudly named Lucrezia,
Daughter of none,
She ventures to Igen Weyr
For more than sun.

But what? Why?
The odds are long;
What she seeks to find
May already be gone."

Daughter of a nameless rider and a gambler named Rezinaca, Rezia was sold to traders to pay for her mother's debt. Her childhood was otherwise uneventful, despite her striking appearance in contrast to her adoptive family; she was a pale, blonde, and blue-eyed waif of a thing and they were tall, swarthy, and hardly innocent.

Rezia took the name Lucrezia, folding the trader family name of "Lucao" into her own. She served well among them, learning sleight of hand and various tricks of the trade - and actual trading, as well. She can turn a profit on almost anything and, if she can't, she'll pickpocket the rest. She's a swindle, a crook, an absolute no-gooder-

She just doesn't look the part.

She's decided to take a side trip to Igen Weyr - with her adoptive family's blessing - to try to find her father. But, without a name or even a dragon color, the search will be a hard one - and futile, at best.

Of course - she's lucky. It took some questing and a lot of questions (and help from a particularly helpful rider), but she's found her family at Igen Weyr. Now comes the hard part: breaking ties with the traders that have claimed her as their own.

RL Date: 12.08.2014 - Zuhth clutches - and Lucrezia's Searched by none other than the Weyrleader himself, R'en. Curiouser and curiouser!

RL Date: 12.28.2014 - The eggs hatch - and Lucrezia becomes Rezia once more, at the behest of brown Pralayth.

RL Date: 05.26.2015 - Rezia and Pralayth transfer to follow her uncle, C'vryn, to Half Moon Bay Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Rezinaca Mother Bitra Hold(?) Gambler
N'vex Father Ierne Weyrhold Rider to Brown Pagearth
C'vryn Uncle Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider to Bronze Emeliuth
Neyuni Aunt Igen Weyr Sr. Weyrwoman to Gold Zuhth
N'mon Uncle Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider to Brown Odamith
Lya Aunt Ista Weyr weyrwoman to Gold Adlevith


Take A Chance On Me Gold Silk

Dawn of the day kisses the soft polished hide of this little queen. An even, shiny metallic gold shimmers over her well proportioned body, burnished into false 'curls' like hair down her arching neck. She is one who might be held up as the "standard" bearer as far as firelizard physique. Neither too large, nor too small, too bulky nor too thin, she's almost the epitome of average. The playful toss of her head, and twinkle within the whirl of her eyes betrays an inner energy to which many of her kind are also attributed. Playful and fun, she is a light spirit whose movements echo the personality underneath. So very rarely still, the light plays upon her polished hide and the ripple of her delicately thin wingsails. The membranes stretch in a translucent fabric between spars and body. They carry a delicate sunlight gold sheen beneath which a tributary system of veins can be easily traced. Movements tempt one to take a chance on this lady, who knows just where she might lead you.

I'm On It Brown Suede

Stretched out in a stance of alert to nothing in particular settles this mid sized brown firelizard. He has a build that is not to muscular, and more stretched out than lean. He isn't fat per se, it's just that his muscles are not bulging out in definition of his form. He rather sort of just flows of hide stretched over a frame that is all soft curves. Elongated muzzle ends in a pointed tip dipped in a mocha cream. The top half of the rest of his head is a light dirty sort of brown which continues down the upper half of his neck and spreads out across his back but fades as you reach his stretched tail. The lower portion of his jaw is a richer sort of brown that is hard to place in exact hue. It forms the primary base of his self, flowing along the bottom half of his neck and the entirety of his chest, belly and arms and legs. A chocolate circlet at the junction of neck and chest acts as if it is some sort of decorative collar, built in. How handy! Tail ends dipped in the same deeper chocolate while the thin stretched membranes of his sails keep to the primary hue of his body.

Lightning Ridge Opal Blue Satin

Electric blue sparks seem to dance and flicker just beneath the surface of this fellow's midnight blue hide. Milky blue wisps, nearly iridescent, drift down his neck, body, outer wings and most of his tail sorta resembling an aurora at just the right angle. A cacophony of cascading colors trapped within. Headknobs are dotted with a pale blue, the color brightening the midnight hide across eye-ridges, cheeks, muzzle and his paws. The wispy auroras continue on underwings and limbs but looking darker purple on a moonless night.

In Remembrance Blue Scrim

Blue the color of glacial melt water hones the fine lines of this firelizard into a thing of crystal blue edges and angles. Though tiny, he is perfectly proportioned with a sleek, elegant body and graceful, fairy limbs. The slender features of an angled head feed into equally delicate body and wingbones. Nearly monotone in color, he has just a hint of Han blue on his paws, the hollows of his flanks and cheeks, and the trailing end of his sails. Those sails seem slightly too full for the supporting bones, leaving the edges billowed and furled in delicate little waves.


Bringer of the Apocalypse Brown Pralayth

This young dragon looks almost as though he was a paint by number with how sharply one color moves into another. Patchwork is likely the best descriptor of this brown's hide as it comes primarily in two distinct but completely separate colors: dark luscious milk chocolate brown that interlocks with pale tan which is splotched here and there over his whole form. His face has pale tan that surrounds his eyeridges and his maw, but the rest is left untouched by that pale color - his headknobs are dipped in inky blackness, along with the very tip of his nose. His long slender neck is mostly chocolate brown like the majority of his face, but on the right hand side by his shoulder there's a large section of pale tan hide which curls from his muscular chest and all the way down his right leg to his inky black talons. The left side of the dragon has dapples, like sunlight being seen through branches, which colors the remaining three legs. His large wings are the only part that shows gradient shades, dark black from the spars that lighten to chai colored browns in the center which cloak some of the mottled coloring of his hide. His tail has inky black tailspars, however the remainder is a nice uniform chocolate brown. From behind, if he holds himself just so, he looks like any other normal brown - from the front, however, there is no doubting his unique look.


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