Gender Male
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Western Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Brown
Eyes Stone Blue
Dragon Bronze Sidarith

Striking eyes… what? Eyes can't hit a person! That's a ridiculous though, and some these eyes are /not/ striking, but they likely do stand out. Why would they stand out? Perhaps it is that slightly unkept hair that frames his face. It is brown in color, darker where it is thicker at the top, the shade lightens from there out. The hair covers his ears, temples and does a good job of blocking most of his forehead, though space in between strands (clumps, really) often reveals some skin. It isn't rare for his hair to fall low enough to get in the way of his vision. It is kept clean, but not often brushed very well. The contrast between his skin tone, a lightly tanned cream and the hair is stark. There is no mistaking the presence of multiple, light colored freckles on his nose (no more than 5 or 6, though). A few more freckles appear at the edge of his jaw, near with neck line. His thin eye lashes also help to allow those stone blue eyes to stand out. The color is not solid, darkening towards the iris, and it is lighter near the pupil, where there is a small, bright yellow circle of color separating the blue or the eye from the black of the pupil.

Standing at five and a half feet tall, this teenagers build could likely be considered average. He is not heavy, and unless he is wearing a few layers under what is visible, he is not thin, either. He wears a tan shirt tucked in a pair of black pants which end just below his knees. He has a belt, also black, holding those pants up. Over the tan shirt is a thin leather vest, which is a dark brown in color. It is kept unbuttoned. Around his neck is a single necklace - a strong black thread with the necklaces single decoration hanging just under his neckline; a large, slightly yellowed tooth. He has one tool strapped to his belt, and from the shape and size one could assume that it is a knife. It is sheathed in brown leather darker than the vest. On his left leg, between the end of his pants and the top of his boots, there is a scar - three visible lines (the middle on the most defined) stretching from the back of his calf forward, circling slight around and down, past the top of his boot.


Rhadan was born of a union of two dragon riders when his birth mother's (Saraih) blue caught his father's (R'al) green. He was of course fostered, raised by the two crafters - a baker and a hunter. The father, Junis, had been one of the game hunters for Western for many years. His true mother and father saw him in passing, and as he got older he even had a few "good" conversations with his father, but nothing that lasted. The "small" island provided the inhabitants with plenty of fish, Junis' did his best to provide the weyr, and at time the nearby hold, with what he could catch on the land. It was also his job to keep the island clear of any dangerous wild animals. Rhadan would find himself, from a young age, being pulled into following after his foster father's line of work.

Rhadan wasn't a troublemaker as a boy - in fact he sought to do his best to please those he could. He hated the idea of disappointing people he barely knew. Imagine having disappointed his foster parents! No, despite having no desire for it, Rhadan was trained by his father. Skinning, cleaning and proper storage of the meat were the first things he learned. Only when satisfied with the boy's grasp did Junis teach him to actually hunt. Where to shoot a wild wher, what vein to cut if a wild canine got too close - Rhadan was soon good with a lightweight bow, and was good at cleaning and skinning, but he had reached his 12th turn. He would be searched, if he chose to be. He declined, however, when his foster father excitedly told him about a 7 month trip they were to take to his childhood home or Irene Weyrhold. He was to return to train some apprentices and guardsmen there at tracking, and would bring Rhadan with him. Rhadan, despite his own desires, could not let his father down. Six months later they left for Irene on a boat (Junis liked traviling by boat rather than dragon back, as he enjoyed the open sea). (+info2 Rhadan for a detailed story of his time in the south. Please, read it!)

Upon returning nearly 8 months later, Rhadan was happy to be home, but knew he would miss the Southern Continent. No, he wouldn't miss the felines, but the space. The freedom. That was something he would miss most of all. The feeling of being able to go where he wanted and doing what he wanted. He was different, too. He has failed at his craft. He had failed his foster father. His foster father did not think so, and was proud of the boy, but never told Rhadan so.

A few months passed, things moving as they normally did, before Rhadan's foster father was again called to do training exercise, this time at Telgar. Rhadan chose stay behind this time, and his foster father left. It was the morning before Rhadan was to turn 14 when news came of the pirate attack on the ship transporting his foster father. There were only two casualties; the captain of the vessel and Janis, who fought to protect the captain when others would not. The cargo on board was taken, and everyone else spared. Rhadan continues as a hunter still, at least for the time, but the loss of his foster father has removed any of his previous desire to be one. Perhaps another opportunity will arise. For now, though, he continues his work and living at Western.


Name Relation Location Position
Saraih Mother
R'al Father Western Wingrider



Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Sidarith

Arrayed in antiquated brazen hue so dark it seems to absorb all light and make him appear a darkened shadow of a dragon, the bulk of muscle and weight lend greater semblance of mighty power than mere length alone. Beginning with a short-snouted muzzle, a short but massive neck meets the outward swell of strong shoulders and the unassailable hulk of a broadened chest. Short, stout-boned limbs add presence rather than height, huge paws ending in silver-gilt talons. Rather trim and lean in belly and sides, a surprising contrast to the command strength of his forequarters, some bulk is regained once more in the swell of strong haunches before the smooth lengthy descent of his lithe and lively tail. Equally as dark as the rest of him, the gigantic span of his wings, surely of a size to throw great shadows across the ground will make him a formidable presence in the sky in times to come.


Title OOC Date Cast
Party Hardy with a Wet Noodle February 16, 2013 Areia, Enka, Ila'den, Kayse, Naris, Rhadan, Rou'x, Sundari, V'ric, Zi'on
Rhadan and the Moody Girls February 17, 2013 Rou'x, Areia, Rhadan, Kazuto
Of Books and Weyrmates February 20, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan, Sundari
Ladies' Night at the Perfect Alibi February 22, 2013 Areia, Kayse, Rhadan, Sundari, Zi'on
Weyrmate Troubles? February 23, 2013 Rhadan, Ir'e
Shoe Poker February 27, 2013 Ila'den, Rhadan, Zi'on
Insanity at the Infirmary March 8, 2013 Enka, Ila'den, Naris, Rhadan, Sundari, Zi'on
Rha Rha! *pompom shake* (Rhadan and Rabel are searched) March 10, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan, Zi'on
Dinner! March 12, 2013 Rhadan, Kyldar, Sundari
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Candidates Out for Drinks? March 14, 2013 Rhadan, Jeyinshi, Sundari
No Egg Kissing Allowed (Egg Touching #1) March 14, 2013 Enka, Kazuto, Sundari, Rhadan
Egg Snacks (Touching #2) March 15, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan, Sundari
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