Greenrider Rhelia


Thick locks of blonde hair, tinged with the faintest hint of red, fall to the young woman's waist when left unbound. Mostly straight, her hair has just the faintest hint of a wave to it and curls just slightly at the ends, though it may perhaps be due to how it's been trimmed. Framing her face are shorter wispy strands, the product of hair breakage rather than purposefully cut so. Her skin is an even tone and of medium complexion, save for an arrangement of three small freckles at the outer corner of her left eye and a freckle above her eyebrow. Her eyes are a brilliant green, free of brown and yellow streaks, and rest beneath her thick eyelashes. She stands tall, just over the average for a woman, and is of a slight and seemingly delicate build that approaches waifish. She is slender rather than lean, with subtle proportions and a more athletic figure than the classic feminine hourglass shape. Her movements and expressions lean towards the haughty.


Rhelia is the middle of three children who were spaced quite far apart. The first seven years of her life was spent at Igen Hold, where she was born, with her brother Taliesin and their parents. Her older brother doted on her, though their parents were often missing and occupied with their craft. Shortly after her seventh birthday, her parents relocated to Keroon Hold, taking on another posting. Too young to stay with her brother, who opted to stay at Igen, Rhelia was forced to move to the distant Keroon Hold. There her younger brother Rhalin was born and news of her brother's Impression to green Janneth at Ista Weyr soon reached the family.
Talia and Rhesin were dedicated weavers, so the task of minding baby Rhalin fell to Rhelia. Missing her older brother, Rhelia soon fell into looking after her younger brother and the two were quite close. That is, until Rhelia hit a growth spurt and then entered adolescence. It was an awkward and difficult time period for everyone, really. Rhelia became moody and easily irritable and fights between her and her family became numerous… and loud. Her relationship soured with her brothers and she took up an interest in boys her age. As she grew older she gained a better understanding of boys and became manipulative and promiscuous. Her parents tried to channel her energies into more… productive and healthy pursuits, like weaving, but it didn't stick. Instead, Rhelia was devoting to primping like a young lady and flirting with all the young men her age.
But Keroon is a small hold, kind of backwards really. And it's really not fair that /Rhalin/, the baby of the family gets to go to Ista and see Ta'sin. Surely there's bound to be something better in Ista…
And in some ways there were. She moved in with her brothers, starting up frequent fights with her elder brother and generally ignoring, almost to the point of abuse, her younger brother. It was no surprise when, after a few Turns of annoying her brothers and working as a record keeper at Ista Weyr that her older brother celebrated when she was searched and taken to Xanadu Weyr. She was now someone else's problem, Xanadu's to be exact. And problems she caused with her arrogance and propensity to stir up trouble and bring out the worst in others. Though she boasted that she was goldrider material, it was to everyone's relief that she neither impressed gold nor at all at Xanadu. Instead she ended up at Western Weyr and it was on those sands that she found her green Mevalonath.


Name Relation Location Position
Rhesin father Keroon Hold Master Weaver
Talia mother Keroon Hold Master Weaver
Zhelan son Eastern Weyr Weyrbrat
Ta'sin brother Ista Weyr Wingleader
R'lin brother Fort Weyr Wingrider


Blue Findle
Stocky and stout, odd for his color, this fellow resembles more grey than blue—at least from the top. Cold greys swath the top of his block form with an ominous appearance, contrasting sharply with navy ridges that reach down to his tails. About midway down the greys end rather abruptly into shimmering curtain of silvery cornflower that streaks in it's many shades over his chunky belly and thick limbs. Wing sails too have this striated selection of hues, the linear appearances dissipating into a cloudy fog at the base. His face contrasts aswell with his form, long, slender and finely bonded, the cold grey spreading down over his ridges and snout, pooling into worn out denims of the rest of his face.

Green Mirassou
The green firelizard has threads of green going along it, each thread and strand a different shade of green. They all work and weave together to give the green an appearance of a forest color. Though, close up, one can see the difference between each shade of color along this hatchling.



Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Mevalonath

A lazy heat hangs heavy and humid over a lush jungle, practically bursting at the canopy with an overflow of flora. Creeping vines of holly and hunter crawl up sinewy legs, tendrils of rich indicolite wrap thin, spindly limbs before fading into a main, rich vein of malachite. Swirling and reaching out with a pale, luminous grasp, headknobs are gripped and bloom with a bright avocado, fruit plentiful along the hanging vines. Along the spine, celadon brindles and dapples in a pale, frothy sort of respite from the dark hues of the jungle. Up and across the wings, a myriad of greens come together in a swirling mess of rainforest — but breaking the dark colors are small splotches, few and far between, of the same celadon that dapples along the spine.

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