Junior Weyrwoman Rhysanna
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Junior Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Tavehtiath
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Mother Niarhys
Father ?
Weyrmate Zi'on
Played By Alice Greczyn


Standing just short of five and a half feet tall, Rhysanna is pretty and well put-together in that casual kind of way that probably means she's spent hours working on it. Long, near-black hair frames her face; worn loose, it falls in thick, glossy curls most of the way down her back. Her eyes are dark, too: rich, luminous brown, framed by long, dark lashes and finely shaped brows. A full nose, lightly freckled, dominates her face, with a wide, frequently smiling mouth and deep-set dimples. She's gently curvy, her slender figure honed by a relatively active lifestyle, the warm hue of her bronzed skin owing as much to sun as to genetics.


Born at Half Moon Ba Weyr, to an Assistant Headwoman (and several times failed Candidate) and a rider whose dragon lost a gold flight, Rhysanna was raised, even from birth, to Become Someone.

Her mother, Niarhys, had been Searched to the Weyr in her mid-teens, her head filled of dreams of gold dragons and eventual power and influence. That she failed to Impress was a burden she carried with her; perhaps she would have continued to Stand all the way to her thirtieth turnday, had it not been for the surprise of her pregnancy. It was then that she decided that she would put aside her own dreams, and instead dedicate her life to preparing this eventual child to succeed where she had failed.

Rhysanna, as a result, had a deliberate and structured childhood. Under her mother's influence, she spent her days productively: she worked hard at her Harper classes, and took additional lessons wherever possible. She learned how to dress, how to wear her hair, how to converse and follow politics and deal - more or less - with polite society. At an appropriate age, she took a job in the caverns; her mother deliberately made sure she would never have to do anything that might ruin her hands, or spoil her skin.

Though dutiful and eager to please, Rhysanna was always uncomfortable with her mother's plans. She never saw herself as anything special: not especially good at anything, probably a much better adornment than a help. She enjoyed some parts of her mother's training regime - dancing, for example - but saw in herself no spark for the rest. Still, at no time did she rebel. Why would she? How could she? This was her mother's dream, and besides, the chances of it succeeding were so small it scarcely mattered.

In her eighteenth turn, Rhysanna began - almost without thinking about it - to broaden her circle of friends. She'd always had Larya, a lower caverns girl approved of by her mother, but Larya's thoughts were increasingly focused upon her holder boyfriend, and the marriage and children she was eager to have. Rhysanna did not necessarily want the life her mother wanted for her, but she knew, too, that Larya's ideal life was far from her own.

Her efforts were largely successful: she began a budding friendship with Naeda, and another (to her great surprise) with Zi'on, Half Moon Bay's Weyrleader.

It was a few months later when her life changed even more dramatically when Zi'on first asked her out and then, almost immediately after, offered her the opportunity to Stand for Shadhavarth and Tzettenvonth's clutch, then on the sands. Accepting both offers rather complicated her life; prospective relationships and candidacy do not easily mix. In all, Rhysanna found candidacy a long and frequently unpleasant experience, despite a number of high points, and was eager for it to end. Her initial uncertainty as regards Impression vanished, however: she wanted to Impress. Preferably to a lovely little green.

It was not to be. Hatching day did finally arrive, but while a lovely little green did approach upon the sands, it was only so that she could Impress to Naeda, by now Rhysanna's best friend. Instead, it was Crowned With Smoke and Fire Gold Tavehtiath who chose Rhysanna, fulfilling her mother's dreams and complicating her life all over again.

Her Impression to cool, remote, buttoned-up Tavehtiath was nothing like Rhysanna had imagined; she was immediately overwhelmed by what lay ahead of her, and the weight of expectations she felt. Candidacy had felt difficult, but it had nothing on weyrlinghood. Nonetheless, Rhysanna and her Tavehtiath managed to make it through their weyrlinghood, ultimately joining Atoll as Junior Weyrwomen without too much incident.

Crowned With Smoke and Fire Gold Tavehtiath

As if molten sunlight were poured into form and being, the faint gleam of frosted gold clings briefly to the edges of her extremities — the very tip of her robust muzzle, the rounded curve of shoulder and haunch and the end of her tail — a pallor of ice that warms swiftly into the warm aureate flush of gilded magnificence. At very first glance, there's nothing angular or sharp about her, for she is all smooth rounded angles, broad of forehead and jowl, a proud arching neck and the curvaceous sinuousness of her belly and hips that dip downwards into an elegantly rounded tail. About rounded headknobs, wreaths of dusky smokey-gold twine, a crown that weaves unerringly before a daring plunge along the arch of her neck wherein they disappear. Her wings, broad and strong, are touched with amber, deep warm gold overshot with flickers of apricot and skeins of brimstone — bursts of dragonfire etched into the very fiber of those near-translucent wingsails.


  • Niarhys (mother) - Niarhys and Rhysanna are 'close' in the sense that Niarhys is very involved in her daughter's life. She's an Assistant Headwoman who claims she elected not to pursue the Headwoman's knot so that she could concentrate on her daughter.
  • ? (father) - Rhysanna knows her her father is, but has never had a relationship with him, and chooses not to think of him in that context.
  • Larya (best friend) - Rhysa and Larya have been friends since they were toddlers, though it's a friendship that has gone through several stages over the turns. They've been drifting apart a little, recently: Larya is very focused on her work in the kitchens, and has a long-term steady boyfriend with whom she intends to settle down and have babies As Soon As Possible.
  • Kalvren/K'vren (ex boyfriend) - He and Rhysanna started dating when she was fifteen, and broke up a few months after her seventeenth turnday. It was a very typical teenage relationship, and probably lasted as long as it did because of momentum rather than true compatibility. Kalvren accepted search at High Reaches, and went on to Impress a blue dragon there.
  • Aldiar (ex boyfriend) - Rhysa and Journeyman Smith Aldiar started dating about six months after she and Kalvren broke up. Their breakup, a few months later, was mutual: they'd had fun, but they just weren't that compatible.



Title OOC Date Cast
During Shadhavarth's Flight January 3, 2014 Carrick, Ila'den, Rhysanna, Takapola, V'ric
Shirts and Shoes January 6, 2014 Kyldar, Naris, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Beware of Bronzeriders January 6, 2014 C'yr, Rhysanna
Sunning January 9, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Zahleizjah
An Afternoon At The Lagoon January 10, 2014 Ila'den, Kyldar, Naris, Rhysanna, Sundari, Zi'on
Time (Vignette) January 11, 2014 Niarhys (NPC), Rhysanna
This Time, Without Buckets January 11, 2014 Rhysanna, Takapola
Avoiding Blood and Gore January 13, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Nighttime Musings January 17, 2014 Kyldar, Rhysanna
A Ribald Shopping Trip January 17, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Crossing Lines January 18, 2014 Rhysanna, Naris, Zi'on
Important Questions (Rhysanna Is Searched) January 20, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Girls and Boys January 22, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel
No Fireworks January 23, 2014 Naris, Rhysanna, Therynn
First Date January 24, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Scrub Down January 26, 2014 Kiltara, Rhysanna, Sorel, Sundari
Zi'on's Black Eye January 28, 2014 Kyldar, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Sundari, Zi'on
First Thing In The Morning January 29, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel
A Hot Mess for the Weyrleader January 30, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Meeting the Ex January 31, 2014 Kiena, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Candidates In Exile February 1, 2014 Ila'den, Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel, Zi'on
Candidates In Exile (Day 2) February 2, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna
Candidates In Exile (Day 2.5) February 2, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna
Rodents and Rescues February 3, 2014 Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Screwed For Justice February 6, 2014 Naeda, R'bel, Rhysanna, Sundari
Dance Off February 7, 2014 Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Mur'dah, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, S'rorn, Soriana, Sundari, V'dim, Zi'on
Truth or Dare Tradition (rated for language and sexual content) February 8, 2014 Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Secrets and Hideouts February 10, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna
Dignitaries February 15, 2014 Ila'den, Iris, Moyrel, Naeda, Nyalle, Rhysanna, Th'ero, Zi'on
Hormones and Hatching Jitters February 16, 2014 Akyla, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Sorel, Therynn
Shadhavarth and Tzettenvonth's Eggs Hatch February 16, 2014 Akyla, Enka, E'ros (Sorel), Iris, Nae (Naeda), Nisa (Naris), Rhysanna, S'u, Therynn, Zi'on
Warmest Congratulations February 16, 2014 Enka, Nae, Rhysanna
Winter (Vignette) February 17, 2014 Rhysanna, Tavehtiath
Baby Dragons At Play February 17, 2014 Nae, Nisa, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Clarifications February 18, 2014 Cassandrel, Nae, Rhysanna
Nisa's Knickers February 19, 2014 Nae, Nisa, Rhysanna
Friends February 21, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Sneezes And Sudden Stops February 24, 2014 Nae, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Goldriders in the Garden February 25, 2014 Enka, Nyalle, Rhysanna
Fish! February 27, 2014 K'ae, Nae, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Mud-Wrestling? February 28, 2014 Nae, Rhysanna, Sundari, Zi'on
Dinner and Dancing March 2, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Flying Woes March 3, 2014 Nae, Rhysanna
Dinner is Served. And Stolen. March 5, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Open Mouth, Insert Foot March 7, 2014 Rhysanna, Sundari
Birthday Plans March 9, 2014 Nae, Rhysanna
Stubborn March 10, 2014 Nae, Rhysanna, Zi'on
A Very Bad Morning March 11, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Future Plans March 20, 2014 Nae, Rhysanna
Rhysa's New Home March 28, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
First Night (Vignette) March 28, 2014 Rhysanna, Tavehtiath
Nae's Inner Romantic March 29, 2014 Hotaru, Nae, Rhysanna
Long-Distance Friends March 30, 2014 Nyalle, Rhysanna
Catching Up April 16, 2014 Nae, Rhysanna, Zi'on
Mountains and Molehills April 18, 2014 Rhysanna, Sundari
Clutchmates April 20, 2014 E'ros, Rhysanna
Skating Lessons May 3, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
Interrogations May 5, 2014 Jack (NPC - Zi'on), Nae, Rhysanna
Emo May 17, 2014 Hotaru, Rhysanna, S'rorn
Golds and Goldriders May 19, 2014 Enka, Rhysanna
Weyrmates May 20, 2014 Rhysanna, Zi'on
(Belated) Turnday Celebrations May 27, 2014 Hotaru, Nae, Rhysanna
Girl Talk June 5, 2014 Nyalle, Rhysanna
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