Miner Senior Apprentice Riley


Rather tall and certainly still gangly, Riley's cute enough for his age, though one can hope that he'll grow into his looks. He's got a mess of curly, orange-red hair, and freckles that freely dot his face. His skin is a bit pale, seemingly refusing to tan under almost any conditions, and it makes his dark brown eyes stick out even more. With barely enough meat on his bones, he's quite thin, but otherwise healthy.

He wears a simple set of pants, a dark brown, that are pulled tight around the waist. Thankfully, covering up the slight bunching in the waistband is a slightly longer cream-colored tunic, whose sleeves fall to his wrists in turn.


Riley was born at Fort Weyr to young greenrider and an even younger brownrider. When the brownrider found herself pregnant after an extended relationship, the pairing decided to make it official. Riley was followed over the turns by Rhonwell and Leyna, and he got along remarkably well with both his younger brother and his younger sister. As many children in the Weyr do, he stood for a variety of clutches on the Sands of Fort, though was not lucky enough to find his lifemate. After some time, he felt that perhaps he needed a change of Sands, and took an offered transfer to Ista, to try his luck there.


Name Relation Location Position
Rhonwell Brother Fort Weyr
Leyna Sister Fort Weyr


Silent Snowfall Blue Snow
Pale icy blue glistens, translucent crystals gathering upon every portion of this blue's body, causing him to shimmer from the tip of his blunt muzzle to the end of his tail. Near white snowflakes fall upon each of his wing sails, hiding the slightly darker spars that guide the eye from sight. And yet, despite the pale hues that cling to his limbs, his stomach, his tail, the ridges on his back are anything but, as navy marches along his body from tip to tip.

Corruption of the Sisterhood Green Raven
Mossy green clings desperately to this firelizard's hide, crawling up her bone-thin sides from her slender belly. Her back darkens to army green, the yellow-grey undertones seeming to run in streaks over her back and tail, winding around her long neck. Her head, speckled with coppery red, seems almost too large for her body, as the same speckles are splattered over her headknobs. Wingsails seem overly delicate - washed out grey spread thinly between each skeletal spar.



Timid Bronze Rilsk
Pale brassy bronze, touched with peach undertones, gathers in great quantities over the thick, scaly hide of this rather bedraggled looking wher. Large patches of color spread over his back, some paler, as if the outer layers of his hide have flaked off, while others are darker, suggesting rough, hard patches as they curve around his lean body. Stubby wings, spread with golden-tinged, ragged sails, sit crookedly upon his back, headknobs sitting equally as off-kilter above large, reflective eyes that seem much too big for his face. His flattened nose is dappled with the same spots as the rest of him, while ebony tickles each of his four-digits on his paws and the end of his thrashing tail.

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