Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Somewhere near SOH
Occupation Hunter
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue

A pair of deep blue eyes gives stark contrast as they stare back under a deeply tan brow. Dark brown hair that has been trimmed short enough to keep his ears warm but not long enough to be easily grasped is kept in a wild mess atop his head. Standing just under six feet tall, with broad muscular shoulders, thick arms and legs that have well defined muscles, his chest is square and while he does not have much body-fat, he is by no means gangly. A strong jaw-line is starting to take shape as his face starts to take shape into the man he will become. He has laugh lines at the corner of his eyes and mouth. A ragged and jagged scar that runs the length of the outside of his face starting at the tip of his right eyebrow all the way down to fallow the curve of his chin.

He is wearing a button up long sleeve shirt that is a dark red with dark brown pants. About his waist is a belt of black leather that is hand tooled with a floral design, finished with an antiqued silver buckle set. His mid-calf high boots are shined and polished to reflection. There is a knot attached to his shoulder that shows he is a resident to Fort Weyr.


Riohra was born middle child of a 4 generational hunting clan, he was born down near Southern Hold, his family would move around fallowing game and trading with other cot holders in the area. When he was 15 turns the family patriarch, his maternal grandfather, died…his Father became the head of the group and decided to go back to the place of his birth near Peyton Hold. That was 3 turns ago, Now a full-fledged hunter in his own right he is currently looking to trade with the Fort Weyr and establish a more permanent contract with them.


Name Relation Location Position
Celebran Father Near Peyton Hold Hunter
Divina Mother Near Peyton Hold Caregiver
Aerian Older Sister Near Peyton Hold Hunter
Gronci Older Brother Near Peyton Hold Healer
Grenkin Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Tralia
Tralia Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Grenkin
Brom Younger Brother Near Peyton Hold Child
Racquel Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Danina
Danina Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Racquel
Piper Adopted Sister Fort Weyr Huntress in training




Title OOC Date Cast
Hospitality in a Cup May 18, 2017 Catwin, Riohra, Shanatea
A Bargain Kept May 19, 2017 Catwin, Riohra
Surprises of Friendship May 20, 2017 Catwin, Riohra
Winter Wonders May 21, 2017 Catwin, Etzlix, R'az, Riohra, T'ana
The Gather At Blue Fire Hold May 31, 2017 Alexryin, Catwin, Citayzleat, D'lei, Halyria (NPC), Ila'den, J'en, Kassala, K'lar, Litrel (NPC), R'en, R'hyn, Riohra, Serena, Shanatea, T'lon, Violet
A Quiet Night Gone Wrong June 5, 2017 Catwin, Riohra, S'ndri
A Realistic Nightmare June 07, 2017 Catwin, Riohra
A Not So Fortunate Fortian June 12, 2017 Catwin, Kassala, Krenn, N'talya, Riohra, Shanatea
Deliveries, Dragons, and Candidates June 20, 2017 Janja,C'vryn, Krenn, Baylee, Riohra
New Friends, New Discoveries June 22, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Krenn, Kassala, Riohra
Contingency Plans June 23, 2017 Elixyvette, Riohra
Beware This PT Scam June 23, 2017 Catwin, Citayzleat, Riohra
A Soak in the 'Spring June 23, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Krenn, Taeski, Kassala
Adventures in Babysitting June 24, 2017 Baylee, Kassala, Krenn, Sevran, Riohra
Glitterbomb! June 25, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat, Heyyu (NPC), Riohra, Sevran, Taline
Babies and Bakers June 26, 2017 Carellos, Kassala, Reksler, Riohra
Touch and Go (First Touching) June 27, 2017 R'hyn, Catwin, Baylee, J'en, Elixyvette, Sevran, Citayzleat, Riohra, Kassala, Kadesh
Don't forget to salute.. June 28, 2017 J'en, Kassala, Riohra,
Family and Eggs June 30, 2017 Kassala, Riohra, Kelani
Duct Whisperers July 1, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Kassala
Life Advice July 1, 2017 Elixyvette, Riohra
Candidate Fashion Show 2: Armed and Fabulous July 3, 2017 Baylee, Citayzleat, D'lei, J'en, Jingum, Kassala, Riohra, Risali, Serena, Tanit
The Deep Sea Hustle July 5, 2017 N'talya, Riohra, Kelani, Jingum, Tanit
To Terms July 5, 2017 Elixyvette, Riohra
Eggs over Klah July 6, 2017 Kassala, Riohra
Of Eggs and Romances July 7th, 2017 Riohra, Tanit, Baylee, Sevran
A Long Lunch Break July 8, 2017 Elixyvette, Sevran, Riohra, Relaera, Baylee, Catwin, Tanit,
Rum Cakes and Kitchen Dogs July 9, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Tanit, Baylee, T'ana, Niki
The Cake isn't a LIE July 9, 2017 Catwin, Riohra, Shanatea, Tanit
That Obligatory Robe Fixing Scene July 10, 2017 Sevran, Krenn, Baylee, Riohra, Catwin
Morning Shenanigans July 11, 2017 Sevran, Catwin, Riohra, Tanit, Baylee
Celimoth and Xermiltoth's Eggs Hatch July 13, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat (Citayla), Elixyvette (Xyvette), Jingum, Kassala, Kelani, Krenn, R'hyn, Riohra, Sevran (S'van), Shanatea, Sundari, Taline (Aine), Tanit
Hello- Goodbye July 13, 2017 S'van, Riohra, Catwin, Baylee
Dropping in on a friend... July 19, 2017 Riohra, Xyvette, Nehehkath,
Making it up as they go... August 24, 2017 Riohra, Xyvette
Krenn and Baylee's Ceremony August 29, 2017 Krenn, Baylee, S'van, Sephany, Kelani, Riohra
Post-Graduation Party August 30, 2017 Aine, Baylee, Citayla, Ila'den, J'en, Kelani, Krenn, R'hyn, Riohra, Sundari, S'van, Yulise
Dangerous Conversations September 17, 2017 Riohra, S'van, Eiram
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