Ryska is five feet, seven inches of toned, curvy woman. Her skin is a deep, tanned caramel color, marred here and there by small dark scars along her lower arms and hands. She's at the peak of fitness, her arms defined, her body lean. But despite her propensity for fitness, she manages to sport womanly curves in all the proper places. Her oval face is framed by thick, black wavy hair which falls to the small of her back. Her deep brown eyes are framed by thick, dark lashes, her cheeks subtle and her lips full and slightly pouty.

Ryska embraces her figure with an orange, sleeveless shirt that hugs her body and shows off her arms. Form fitting pants of a durable, tan colored fabric are belted around her waist, following the lines of her legs before vanishing beneath calf-hugging leather boots. Her only accessory is a leather thong, wrapped thrice around her wrist and tied in a simple box-knot.




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