A slim pretty youth, with messy black hair that sticks up in the middle and dark blue eyes framed in dark rimmed glasses with purple stripe trim. He wears a tunic shirt of green and mustard yellow with a fanciful runner design. His pants are in contrast plain gray stretchpants, and plain brown shoes with white and green striped socks.

Solarus is wearing a knot in the colors of Western, with a white thread woven in to show that he is a Candidate.


Solarus was born in Western Weyr to a very large family. He has seven brothers and one sister, and being the fifth child he is also unfortunately the middle child. Beset by late puberty and forced to look after younger siblings while having to listen to older siblings, pressured into joining his father's craft, Weaving, when he would prefer to just draw and paint, and jealous of his four older brothers who are highly successful in their chosen fields, (or in the case of his oldest brother, M'dren, being chosen by a dragon) his life hasn't exactly been a peice of cake lately. His only respite from his large family and his uncertain career are his Harper lessons, which he does rather enjoy despite only getting average grades. Maybe eventually he'll find his place, find a way to be less awkward around people, and aspire to the great heights his older brothers have achieved. In the meantime he'll look after his baby sister, chase after his little brothers, escape from his parents for a few moments of artistic respite, and try his best to learn more about his world. If it kills him.


Name Relation Location Position
Marinta Mother Western Weyr Master Weaver
Rodran Father Western Weyr Master Weaver
M'dren Brother Western Weyr Blue Rider
Dendren Brother Western Weyr Journeyman Weaver
Condren Brother Western Weyr Junior Apprentice Weaver
Gonder Brother Western Weyr Junior Apprentice Weaver
Fellir & Rellir Twin Brothers Western Weyr Weyrbrats
Millina Sister Western Weyr Baby





Title OOC Date Cast
A Greenrider's Green Pants February 03, 2013 S'ol, Zi'on
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