Greenrider S'uin


Gentle tresses of pale blond flutter into place around this man's head, curling slightly in places that leave it all looking quite unkempt, despite efforts otherwise. As if oblivious to proper haircutting, however, one side of the locks seems to fall a bit longer than the other, giving it all a fairly lopsided appearance. His eyes lurk in murky depths, a washed out color that tries to waver between green and brown to end in a vaguely hazel mesh of hues. His face is soft, cheeks somewhat rounded, with a smallish nose and thinly shaped lips to finish it off. His skin is a fairly dark shade, however, a stark contrast to the lighter toned hair. While the color comes mostly from an obvious tan, his skin seems to naturally brush into the more shaded colors, giving him a deeply sun-kissed look. He won't be winning any prizes for height, however, managing to just pass five feet and three inches.

A thin blue tunic rests lightly on his torso, with quite a bit of room to spare within its somewhat large folds. Dark hide pants are held with a woven belt at his hips, a few extra pockets sewn into them in places. The boots he wears appear somewhat old, and scuffed enough to have seen their fair share of foot-travel.


Born in relative obscurity to a couple of holders at South Bend hold on the southern continent, Sythuin was fostered out rather quickly to others to be taken care of. He was a small child, and somewhat sickly through his younger turns, he spent quite a bit of his time ducking out of sight of older and larger children to avoid getting picked on. Once he was old enough to be apprenticed into a craft, he quickly elected to be sent to the Glass Craft. There he spent his time, dilligently working on what the masters had to teach him, slowly making progress towards becoming a journeyman.


Name Relation Location Position


Brown Tengu
Puffed up, proud and regal, ready to save the damsel in distress. Dawned with a large body rather than armor, persay, but armor nonetheless with a tilt of the head and a bit of imagination. On the side of the brown's face is a small little shade of pink that may be a kiss on the cheek, or just a bit of odd coloring but it's truly up to the one that looks to this big brown. He's a rich color, almost a fine chocolate brown that comes together in uniform. Each wing dawned with a darker, finer brown along the wingsails while the joints are each a creamy brown. Down along his back, his spine breaks the chocolate color with the cream, each ridge a cream down to the tips of his forked little tail.

Blue Nowe
Navy curls around his body like a cloak, snuggly gathered into each and every crevice of his body, around each lean limb and his wider haunches, spiraling around his stubby tail. A lighter line runs from the underside of his snout and down the center of his belly, while opposite it is a line of midnight ridges marching down his back, between stunted wings.

Green Azira
Pale, sea green hues slide down this firelizard's neckridges, deepening into more of a turquoise shade as they reach her back. Dark green, tinged ebony streaks over the green's back legs, and even parts of her tail as well. Vivid shades of bright green seem to be the most prominent though, as they are the most noticable of all the colors, and melt along just about every part of the green where another color hasn't claimed her hide, particularly her bright wings, even if they are laced with the darker, black-hued spars.


Deliberate Performer Green Xiliath
Of no great size or startling physical beauty, this young hatchling relies on other ways to catch attention. One of them is her poise: She actually manages a sort of regal grace while many of her clutch mates stumble over their own feet. She is slower to move than many of her siblings, but careful steps mean that she stays upright and her head remains held very high — especially high when she realizes eyes are upon her. Actual coloration is relatively odd, pale in the extreme to give the impression of plants left in the sun a little too long. The exceptions to this are found over her flanks and chest, where she carries at least a small bit of very dark green and in the absolute ends of her body. There, along her muzzle, talons, the tip of her tail and the ridges down her back pale green gives way to almost dark yellow. This all combines with her slightly-too-heavy-but-not-quite-fat build to give a decidedly average appearance that is only broken by her distinctive way of carrying herself.

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