Gender Male
Former Name Sevran
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Grey
Dragon Bronze Aedeluth
Song Know Me - DC Cardwell

S'van stands at just about six and a half feet tall with a form that, while still leaning towards lanky, has begun to fill out with physical labor. Muscle definition has definitely increased, heading toward that 'dragonrider' physique. His shaggy, dark brown hair is in sore need of a trim, though he never lets it get long enough to pull into a 'tail. Grey eyes, gaunt face and thin lips may give the impression of a stern demeanor, though there is often a bit of humor dancing in his eyes. His skin is tanned to a fair golden color, indicative of a life spent outside.

S'van wears simple, sturdy clothing, designed to last long but not necessarily look good. It fits well enough, but would definitely be described as 'serviceable' rather than 'fashionable'. Heavy boots clad his feet and these, at least, look as though he spent some marks to purchase. But as with the rest of his wardrobe, they are sturdy and durable. Definitely no embellishments.


Sevran is the seventh of eight children, and the first (and only) son. He grew up in the Weyr, splitting time between his mother Maurlyna in Igen, and his father Straeven in Ista. It was… an unusually arrangement. His parents were definitely better off living separate lives, but somehow came back to each other time and time again. Sevran grew up thinking this was perfectly normal, until he realized his friends didn't have two homes. His relationship with his older sisters was cordial, but as the baby of the family he never really got to take on the protective-brother role. At least not until his youngest sister came along. Three turns his junior; he's incredibly protective of his little sister Sephany and spoils her rotten.

When he realized that girls (at least his sisters) disliked things that were dirty, involved manual labor or strong scents, he made a bee-line for the beast pens, making himself useful cleaning up carcasses after the dragons have had their fill. Blood and gore didn't phase him a bit, and eventually he was approached by the butcher, and a pseudo apprenticeship started. In his late teens, he's developed a skill for butchering all manner of creatures, and a deep appreciation for the "art" of carving a beast.

When his sister Sephany accepted an apprenticeship to the Weaver craft, and decided to relocate to the Crafthall for a more formal education, Sevran found Igen to be far too lonely. He left, seeking a new start just as his sister had. He came to be at Half Moon Bay by chance, but made himself useful as a resident butcher, his skills put quickly to use. He wasn’t there long before he was Searched by bronze Leketh, who made him a Candidate for Celimoth and Xermiltoth’s clutch. Although candidacy was not without it's trials (some of them decidedly more trouble-some and life-impacting than others), Sevran managed to survive both physically and mentally (though the mental part is sometimes debatable) to stand on the Hatching Sands. On that dark and stormy day, he had the (un)fortunate luck of being just who bronze Aedeluth was looking for. The bronze picked him, and there was no going back. Sevran became S'van forever.


Name Relation Age to Sev Location Position
Maurlyna Mother +35 Igen Weyr Baker
Straeven Father +40 Ista Weyr Handyman
Maevenna older sister +15 unknown stay-at-home mama
Surynna older sister +13 unknown Journeyman Harper
Evellan older sister +10 unknown Stay-at-home mama
Auresta older sister +8 unknown Cotholder's wife
Mylaena older sister +4 unknown Journeyman Healer
Estraly older sister +2 unknown Stay-at-home mama
Sephany (PB: Amalie Schmidt) younger sister -3 Crafthall Apprentice Weaver

Friends (PC)

Name Relationship Thoughts
Tanit Best Friend/Soul sibling Best diver and oyster hunter ever. @ DOC and missed like crazy
Catwin Good friend Fellow Weyrling to blue Fascath
Baylee Good friend Fellow Weyrling to green Myrakath
Riohra Good friend Candidates together; @ FOW and missed

Fun Facts About Sevran

  • He doesn't know of a single person in his family tree to have Impressed a dragon
  • He is the first member of his family to be Searched by a dragon. All of his older sisters Stood, using the privilege of being Weyrborn to stand without Search, but none of them ever Impressed.
  • And that is because his dad is not his real dad *GASP*. His biological father is a dragonrider. He does not know this and has no idea that his dad isn't his dad.
  • His name (Sevran) actually came because the Healer mis-heard his mother say 'This is number seven' and thought she said "this is Sevran" And hence, named Sevran.
  • He is mildly demophobic. Not devastatingly, but enough that crowds do make him uncomfortable. He can't sleep well in the barracks because of this fact, and prefers wide open spaces to being inside. He doesn't know that's why he feels this way, though, and has associated it with in-side spaces, believing he may be claustrophobic.
  • When Sephany started to speak, she couldn't say 'Sevran' and called him 'Seven' instead. It stuck, but she's the only one allowed to call him that.
  • He actually has a really nice singing voice, but you'll probably NEVER hear him sing. Only Sephany can convince him to do so, and only if they are alone. (he used to sing her to sleep when she had bad dreams)


A note about the playlist: sometimes I choose songs for the vibe or feeling that they give me, NOT necessarily the lyrics. So not all songs LYRICALLY represent S'van/Aede or his life, but the tone of the song or overall impression may fit. Hope that makes sense.


Know Me - DC Cardwell
Don't Let Me Down - Chainsmokers
In The Name of Love - Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha
Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Jasmine Thompson
Colorblind - Natalie Walker
Take Me Downtown - Allie X
Rain - Patty Griffin


Game of Survival - Ruelle
Monsters - Ruelle
Heaven or Hell - Digital Daggers


Glade's Serenity Brown Trill
A little small for his colour and compact of build, this sturdy brown is built in smooth lines, his muzzle gently blunted and body subtly rounded. Primarily, he's of a rich, copper-toned tan, yet a pale wheat claims the underside of his jaw and sweeps along his neck to blend with a faint collar of taupe, only for that same, lighter shade to present itself again in the rows of gentle, dotted markings that he bears from ribcage to flanks. Narrows wings are washed with chestnut and dappled with mahogany along their trailing edges, 'sails almost opaque, even when raised to the light. His limbs are slender, as are his ridges and headknobs, though there is muscle there along forearms and legs that fade to a near white in colour, tipped with earthy claws. It's his tail that almost… isn't one, often employed to help with balance.


Rubik's Complex Curmudgeon Bronze Aedeluth
At first glance, there isn't much that can be said about this dragon, other than he appears to be uniformly and uncompromisingly bronze in hue, from the tip of his snout to that of his tail fork. His body, muscled without being bulky, doesn't appear to possess a single feature that might set him apart from any other of his color group. Perfectly average to the point of textbook, surely to be dismissed with but a passing glance, ultimately boring. However, upon closer inspection, it's revealed that this is farthest from the truth. There are subtle differences in the pigment of his hide that may very well make him the most striking of creatures ever to have set foot on Pernese soil. The faintest of striations streak across the entirety of him in only the finest of spun gold, making his surface appear scratched or machined in that way that gives character rather than deflecting from his appearance. Tiny freckle-like globs of chestnut brown are scattered about seemingly without purpose or pattern, mixed in with flecks of rust and ghostly kisses of klah-brown. Muted highlights of deep copper whisper along his eyeridges and jaw, tips of his headknobs and neckridges, the edges of his wingsails and snout, as well as his every rib. The places where miniscule color variations collide give suggestion of the groves, dings, or divots that can be found on any rare antique or valuable collectable. It's the upper portion of his right hind limb that is anything but average in that it looks somewhat desiccated in comparison to the other. Likely, it's the reason he walks with a pronounced limp. As if to offset this flaw, the lower half of the same limb, can only be described as bitchin'. An apparition of flame a shade or two darker than the rest of him wafts up from around his toes, drifting up over the paw and fades off about a quarter of the way past the first joint.


Title OOC Date Cast
Helpful June 18, 2017 Sevran, Taline, Serena
Icy Reception (Sevran is Searched) June, 20, 2017 J'en, Sevran, Leketh
Intruder - worst of luck June 20, 2017 J'en, Sevran
Sploosh June 21, 2017 Sevran, J'en
A Friendly Proposition June 22, 2017 Sevran, Taeski, J'en
The Corrals - First Mistake June 22, 2017 J'en, Sevran
A Garden Confessional June 23, 2017 Sevran, Taline
A Soak in the 'Spring June 23, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Krenn, Taeski, Kassala
A Chance Meeting - A Friendly Chat June 24, 2017 Elixyvette, Sevran
Adventures in Babysitting June 24, 2017 Baylee, Kassala, Krenn, Sevran, Riohra
Unrepentant June 24, 2017 J'en, Sevran
A Lesson in the Library June 25, 2017 Elixyvette, Sevran
Glitterbomb! June 25, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat, Heyyu (NPC), Riohra, Sevran, Taline
Just Beach-y June 26, 2017 Catwin, Sevran, Citayzleat, R'hyn
Hard Heads - Not Hard Feelings June 27, 2017 Catwin, Sevran
Touch and Go (First Touching) June 27, 2017 R'hyn, Catwin, Baylee, J'en, Elixyvette, Sevran, Citayzleat, Riohra, Kassala, Kadesh
Sun, Sand, Chores, Eggs, Flirting. June 29, 2017 Catwin, Sevran, Baylee, Krenn
Glitter Surprise June 30, 2017 Kassala and Sevran
Touch It Good (Second Touching) June 30, 2017 R'hyn, Implied-Ila'den, Catwin, Baylee, Sevran, Shanatea, Citayzleat
Lower Caverns Pow Wow June 30, 2017 Saxi, Kassala, Sevran, Serena
Just Can't Win June 30, 2017 Catwin, Sevran, J'en
Fish & Shirts June 30, 2017 Taline, Sevran
Decisions June 30, 2017 Sevran, J'en
Well, That Escalated Quickly July 1, 2017 Sevran, Krenn, Baylee
Duct Whisperers July 1, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Kassala
Slice Of That Weyr Life July 1, 2017 J'en, Kelani, Sevran, Shanatea, Tiysa
Chats and Stuff (meeting Tanit) July 1, 2017 Kassala, Sevran, Tanit, Catwin
Post Garden Stress Discussion July 1, 2017 Catwin, Sevran
Oysters At Sunrise July 2, 2017 Tanit, Sevran, Baylee
Wherries and Garden Gnomes July 2, 2017 R'hyn, Sevran, Sundari, Taline
Drafted - Dragon Washing July 2, 2017 Sevran, Sundari, Tanit (and Samiryth)
Candidates Eat Dinner, too. July 2, 2017 Shanatea, Sevran, Catwin
Ping-Pong, Booze, and Bronzeriders July 4, 2017 Baylee, Krenn, Sevran, J'en, Tanit
Chatting Over Breakfast July 4, 2017 Baylee, Sevran, Tanit, Sephany (NPC)
Morning Tag July 4, 2017 Taline, Baylee, Sevran, Tanit
Caught. July 5, 2017 Sevran, R'hyn
Steaks and Stuff July 6, 2017 Sevran, Tanit
Of Eggs and Romances July 7th, 2017 Riohra, Tanit, Baylee, Sevran
Fish and Guts July 7th, 2017 Sevran, Tanit,
An Eggcellent Picnic July 7, 2017 Citayzleat, Sevran
Conversations July 8, 2017 Sevran, Tanit, Kelani, Catwin
A Long Lunch Break July 8, 2017 Elixyvette, Sevran, Riohra, Relaera, Baylee, Catwin, Tanit,
Rum Cakes and Kitchen Dogs July 9, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Tanit, Baylee, T'ana, Niki
That Obligatory Robe Fixing Scene July 10, 2017 Sevran, Krenn, Baylee, Riohra, Catwin
Morning Shenanigans July 11, 2017 Sevran, Catwin, Riohra, Tanit, Baylee
Strain Pain July 12, 2017 Sevran, Kelani, Jingum, Kalvin (NPC)
Sex > Food July 12, 2017 Shanatea, Sevran
Celimoth and Xermiltoth's Eggs Hatch July 13, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat (Citayla), Elixyvette (Xyvette), Jingum, Kassala, Kelani, Krenn, R'hyn, Riohra, Sevran (S'van), Shanatea, Sundari, Taline (Aine), Tanit
Aftermath - Weyrlings July 13, 2017 R'hyn, S'van, Citayla, Baylee, Sundari, J'en, Catwin
Hello- Goodbye July 13, 2017 S'van, Riohra, Catwin, Baylee
All The Things! July 15, 2017 Baylee, Krenn, S'van, Catwin
Another Goodbye - Tanit Leaves for DOC July 15, 2017 Catwin, S'van, Tanit
Letters between siblings July 16, 2017 S'van, Tanit
Strapping Good Times? Or Not. July 16, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Sundari, S'van, Tanit - Aedeluth, Fascath, Irkevalath, Myrakath
Dancing and Defense. Same thing, right? July 19, 2017 Catwin, S'van
Dragons Grow Bigger July, 20, 2017 Catwin, S'van, Baylee
A Lovely Little Chat July 21, 2017 Baylee, Kelani, Jingum, Sephany (NPC)


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