Greenrider S'vell


S'vell is the kind of guy that just -looks- like he's going to be big when he reaches full maturity. As it is, the lad already looks to be fairly muscular, if a tad bit gangly looking. As of right now, he doesn't look like he's going to be tall (he tops only 5'7" at this age — he's grown!) but -does- look like he has plenty more room to fill out. His features are a little rugged: cheekbones are high and the planes of his face look a little unfinished. His eyes are of a light blue, and his hair is a light blonde, cropped close to his skull. His nose is a little on the larger side, as are his lips, but overall he seems to be a fairly attractive guy. Of course, he still has more maturing to do as well.


Suvell is the oldest of three children born to a bluerider/greenrider pair, originally from Ista Weyr. His childhood was fairly uneventful, if dotted with random acts of aggression towards his younger siblings. He was, from the beginning, a somewhat troublesome child, prone to using fists instead of anything else when it came to getting his way. As he matured, the impulse to simply 'beat' instead of 'speak' remained with him and, as such, Suvell remained without any good friends since his temper constantly got in the way. Now that he's 15, he has mellowed a little bit but sometimes an ill-spoken word can get his blood boiling.

Currently, Suvell is living at Western Weyr, having followed his parents when both transferred away from Ista. He's been living there for almost a Turn — notably, he still doesn't have many friends. Maybe it's because of attitude, or maybe it's the machismo persona that he tries to keep up.


Name Relation Location Position
Suvana Mother Western Weyr Rider
Vellon Father Western Weyr Rider
Suduni Sister Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Yuvan Brother Western Weyr Weyrbrat


Bronze Vader
This bronze firelizard is the darkest shade a bronze is capable of being. Black sweeps along his entire body, from nose to tail, and only has bronze glints in bright light. His large wings furl out behind him like a sinister cape, and his claws are unusually long, sharp, and wicked looking. His limbs are muscular and powerful, and he emanates pure DOOM. He looks like he eats babies for breakfast.

Blue Ick
If a firelizard could look like an Istan beach on a warm summer's day, then this one definitely would take home the prize! He's bright and bubbly and cheerful to look at, with his paws dipped into Ista's black sands and his legs the brilliant colour of the isle's surrounding seas. While shipfish grey and shoal silver darts through the cerulean that shades his legs and belly, a deeper, richer azure colors the rest of his body, daubed with cotton-candy white clouds and the occasional fleck of wherry brown. Set centre on his rump is a spot of brilliant yellow-white - could that be Rukbatt?

Green Sass
The curves of this little green's verdant hide are subtle. Her appeal lies more in the stubborn shades of jungle and ivy that drape liquid mist over her body. Deepened ivy and glistening tropical foliage twisting over her chest and stomach reflect conflicting behaviors, the angered malachite leader ready to fight to the death for her loved ones and the nurturing sweetness of a jade and emerald mother laying her life down for her loved ones. There's the faintest tinge, the faintest mist of blood, across her back and wings leading to her haunches. Intense luminescence gives her face an intent and stubborn glow, though the curves of her face are softer, more compact and less stubborn than the rest of her. Sweet grass and bright tropical greens set her compact form a glitter, culminating in a tail that coils behind her like delicate jungle vines.

Green Sour
Withered granny smith green gleams damply under a freshly oiled coat. A smoothed frame is covered by her baked hide, an oven heated pale green of cooked apple. Mounding muscles curve enticingly with full juicy plumpness under the thin green shell of her hide. Warm undertones of brown crisp the cooked green haunches and darken her belly. Smudges of yellow bruise the green along her neck ridges. The thin delicate membranes of her wing sails are drizzled with warm, sweet caramel.


Rebelliously Righteous Green Lhayerath

Vivid apple splashes daringly down a long neck and goes on to completely cover wide shoulders and haunches with smooth color. A muscular back give way to swells of deep, rifle green that creeps up and down her sleek ridges. Similar myrtle creeps upwards towards elbows and knees from a base of glinting ebony talons that sprout from somewhat large hands. Large wingsails meld into a translucent company of surprisingly soft khaki and ecru, a definite contrast from the strong, kelly green wingspars they're held betwixt. A sudden flame of bold citron shoots up the middle of her muzzle, coming to a perfect point between defined eyeridges. The same color dares to trace delicate shimmers of sunny yellow along dark knobs and ridges, barely peeking out of the lush cover. Lemon flows down the underside of her neck and belly, colliding to form a brilliant lime barrier along the two hues. The chartreuse yellow makes one final fight, ebbing down the back of her wide haunches, pooling into a sunny post at the back of her feet, but it does nothing to stave off dark, forest toes. Her tail slowly makes it's way towards the inevitable fate of that same mossy green as the color creeps down the length, but a sudden bright note of green forfends that destiny.

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