Serena Dovestar
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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Skyan Hold
Occupation Wingrider
Hair Brown
Eyes Light Brown
Dragon Samiryth

Serena's light auburn hair hangs down just beyond her shoulders. It seems to be well kept, but not done up in any fancy style. Her face is oval shaped with wide expressive brown eyes that contrast well with her pale skin. Her nose is small and fits the contours of her face. She isn't very tall only reaching five feet and five inches. She is petite, but not waifish. Serena is not what you would call well muscled, but is fit enough by the look of her. Today she is wearing a simple white blouse with sleeves that come down to her elbows and a grey colored skirt that is fastened at her waist with a thin leather belt. Upon her feet are a simple pair of leather sandles.


Serena was born in Sykan Hold which is located on the northern side of the Emerald Isle. Her family is of no particular importance there, just normal hard working people. Serena is the middle child in the family, and has an older brother and a younger sister. As a child she never really showed any particular aptitude or desire for a craft so she ended up staying close to home helping out around the house and taking jobs as they presented themselves. She is a competant waitress, but not a particularly good bartender. She has also spent time caring for children, but isn't particularly good at that either. She tends to float from this to that in her life, seemingly content with whatever the moment brings her. She figures that at some point she'll find a husband and start a family much like most girls. Being inbetween jobs her family thought it might be good to spend some time at Half Moon Weyr to see what employment she can pick up there for a time before returning home. Secretly they hope the change of scenery will help the young lady find more direction in her life.


Name Relation Location Position
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Mortality in Gold Tessia

At the larger end of the scale, this gold firelizard is the color of pure, bright gold - freshly polished and new. Her form is a dainty one, utterly feminine and unmistakable for what she is; strip her of her hide and it'll remain clear that she is, without a doubt, a perfect female specimen of the species. The only mar to her perfect hide is the deep, bronze circling around her eyes - so deep that it's nearly black - and a curious hook of the same hue that cuts under her right eye.

Longer Days Blue

Pale as pale can be, this large blue’s hide has a crisp, cold look to it, as though hewn from frost and first winter’s snow. Sky blue hide fades to a powder along the sharp, angular features of his wedged shaped head and down his long neck and into a narrow chest. Long of limb and graced with a whip-cord tail, these too pale from sky to near white by the curve of his sharp talons. Even his wings hold an icy-touch, looking almost brittle when stretched to full length.


Glittering, Glamorous, and Green Samiryth

On the small side as greens go, this dainty beauty is definitely not to be ignored. Her hide is a flawless flow of palest jade green that starts at the tip of her exquisitely rounded muzzle and over her expressive eyeridges. Her neck is graceful and leads into a slender body that's feminine but not frail by any means. The faintly glittering green of her body is contrasted by the deeper, jungle-like iridescent hues that claim her neckridges; that rich green trails down the back of her neck and her spine, only to fully engulf her tail in a dramatic sweep of color. That color manifests again on either side, where three diamonds seem to have been emblazoned on her haunches, while another such diamond is placed squarely on her forehead. The darkness of her wing arms and spars is stark against the pallor of her jade-hued wings - stark, and powerful, and glamorous all at once.


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