Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Xanadu
Occupation Apprentice
Hair Black
Eyes Brown


Tea's straight hair is a rich, thick tangle of inky, pearl black that is reminiscent of sable fur. His burnt, brandy brown eyes glow from beneath dark brows and the forelock that falls over his forehead. His skin is a delicate olive, obviously burnished and kissed by sun and sea, giving his skin a deep enough color that he simply cant be called pale. He's a bit on the short side, a lightweight, but the toned muscles bunched everywhere is his claim to athleticism.
On his slender, but tough hide, he wears a lightweight button up shirt in a pale green with the sleeves torn off. He also wears a pair of swim trunks in a slightly darker shade of green, often with random odds and ends tucked in the pockets and peeking out of here, there and everywhere. Rare are any shoes on his feet, but right now its a pair of soft, fur lined moccasins. Casual much?


Shanatea has spent his whole life, as short as it's been, at Xanadu Weyr. His father is bronzerider T'ea and his mother is greenrider and healer Shalaya. His best friend in the whole wide world is his twin brother Tealonie, who is only younger than Shana by less than a candlemark. They poke and prod each other like none other, but are quick to defend the other against anyone else. Both have been exposed to a variety of opportunities, including an education at Landing and a chance to work with the computers.
Like his twin, he has no patience for being stuck indoors. Most of his time is spent outdoors, watching dragons, climbing trees, swimming at every possible free moment. Of course, if he is stuck inside, his favorite place to be is in the kitchens. Often, he does sneak in there to steal food and such, but there are occasions he will help out in small, yet thoughtful ways.
Once old enough, Shanatea left Xanadu for Ista Weyr, becoming part and parcel of the Dolphincraft. His aptitude for wind, water and animals being a large part of this lovely decision he made to part with his twin, which was the worst decision in his life. Who could ever leave someone they cherish so much, honestly…? Oh wait, Tealonie Impressed. Ah-ha! Thats it.
However, at the moment, Shanatea is at large, on assignment at Half Moon.


Name Relation Location Position
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