Portrayed By Vitaly Tarasenko
Gender Male
Aliases So
Place of Birth Some Cothold
Current Location Western Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Seacrafter
Dragon Iidenskapurth


It appears as if someone took a knife and sliced off a significant length of this young man's previously expansive locks. The sable hair now barely slips past his shoulders in a choppy, disordered way, perhaps giving him the look of perpetually having just rolled out of his cot. His features are stern, thin lips and small nose do nothing to improve the downward cast that often is found tugging upon those lips. Sooty brown brows don't quite match the darker hue of his hair, but they still seem to fit him well enough. Gone is the smaller stature of his youth, apparently hitting a late growth spurt pushing him to nearly six foot. The days of being a scrawny bean-pole have passed and it is obvious that he has spent many an hour working his muscles into something that could be proud of. While he isn't what one would consider bulky, he can obviously hold his own in a fight. His suntanned face is mostly blemish free except for a solitary darkened freckle that has made its home below his left eye. Untouched by crinkled wrinkles of laughter, his cool grey eyes are framed by onyx lashes.

There's nothing fancy to note about this young man's outfit. A simple loose off-white shirt with a crisscross tie just below the collarbones is mostly worn, long sleeved but light in material as to not overheat him in the sun. While a pair of equally loose and breezy pants in a dark brown are tied by string about his middle. Sandals flop about his slender feet, a bit too big for him, but well-worn and apparently loved. A simple shell is attached via string held 'round his neck, its bone hued sanddollar like shape presses just a bit to the side of his heart.


Sorel never knew his father, his mother had gotten involved with a married man and he had been the result. It was never clear to him whether his mother, Sora, had ever told his father that she was with child, but it wasn't until her deathbed that the boy found out that his unknown father had a wife and family of his own. Perhaps it was the loss of the only family he knew or maybe it was the lure of potentially finding his half-sibling, but either way Sorel left the small cothold he had spent his whole life in and embarked out into the world.
It wasn't long before the boy, who was only about ten at the time, ran into trouble. He was just a kid with no one to look out for him, and suddenly he found himself running with the wrong crowd and not long after that before he was fully entrenched within a new set of people. Turns passed and Sorel was eventually entrusted with the Sea crafters, perhaps in hopes that on a ship he'd have less trouble to get in. Several more turns were spent sailing around pern, visiting new and exciting places but all the while Sorel kept an open ear and eye out for his long lost half-sibling. Whispers and hints have taken him away from his ship and family on the sea but at the moment he's been dumped off at Western Weyr to heal having sustained a broken arm due to being his reckless self.


Name Relation Location Position
Sora Mother Southern Boll Deceased
Taraden Father Unknown Deceased
Ila'den Half-brother Western Weyr Weyrsecond
Kiorel Daughter Western Weyr Baby
Katrel Son Western Weyr Baby


By Right of Battle Bronze Thok
Stocky, big and save for the fact that he is of a molten brazen hue, rather unremarkable as far as firelizards go. While his color is no doubt that of a bronze, and there's a certain broadness where his short stout neck curves into the wide acreage of his chest, nothing really stands out about him. He is average, unassuming and perhaps even ordinarily boring. With a short muzzle and normal-sized head crowned by absolutely average-shaped headknobs,the shape of span of his wings offer the same amount of speed and distance carrying as any firelizard might expect and there's nothing at all remarkable about his tail. In short, he appears to be just your every day firelizard, a common enough fellow that's unremarked upon, save perhaps for that avaricious and intelligent little gleam in his eyes.

Wise Firstborn Green M'uru
Darkness does not fear to encroach upon the silvery green light that enrobes this lithe green's form. Soft sage covers her dainty-featured head, from a slender muzzle drawn back around truth-seeking eyes, above which are headknobs tainted with a trace of smoky jade. These fade back into near-white on her poll and first 'ridges, before dipping into the darkness of the forest hues that enrobe her svelte figure. A swatch of lighter green runs along the underside of her neck, coming to a gentle point on her chest; the same tone colours her forelegs before sooty dark takes over her forepaws, just as it cloaks her night-edged wings.


Title OOC Date Cast
Reporting For Duty January 18, 2014 Sorel, Takapola
Fast friends (Sorel is Searched) January 21, 2014 R'bel, Sorel
Girls and Boys January 22, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel
Thoughtful Egg Gazing January 23, 2014 Sorel, Kiltara
Making 'Friends' January 25, 2014 Ila'den, Naris, Sorel, Sundari
Scrub Down January 26, 2014 Kiltara, Rhysanna, Sorel, Sundari
First Thing In The Morning January 29, 2014 Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel
Brotherly Heart-to-Heart January 31, 2014 Ila'den, Sorel
Candidates In Exile February 1, 2014 Ila'den, Naeda, Rhysanna, Sorel, Zi'on
Bah, Friends! Bah! February 05, 2014 Naeda, Sorel
Hormones and Hatching Jitters February 16, 2014 Akyla, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Sorel, Therynn


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