Gender Female
Place of Birth High Seas somewhere!
Current Location Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Archipelago Wingrider
Status Searching for thangs
Dragon Blue Irkevalath


If anyone could be called a firey spit fire it would be this woman. She has dark colored skin as if spending a bit to much time in the sun was not the only reason behind her look. Once long hair has been cut to rest just above her shoulders , dark brown with faint blonde streaks a few strands strands fall across the left side of her face. Eyes are bright blue with a slight smokey gray tint that seems to hide something. Even though she is a rider she is actually a bit on the short side, though don't let that fool you she is a strong one with plenty of muscle and just the right amount of curves.

Her clothing varies on what she may be doing, a simple light blue tunic is found on her and happens to be a touch sung across the chest. Dark brown wher hide vest that is lined with a bit of soft fur across the neckline and down the edge where he always rests open even though thee black buttons are found, pale leather colored pants that are new seen along with either dark brown boots or no shoes at all. At her shoulder is found a HMB Weyr knot showing she is with the Archipelago Wing along with a few strands of bright blue thread. A set of three slender leather braided bracelets rest upon her wrists, attempting to cover scars there, a jagged scar rest across heft left cheek.


Life at sea is a hard and uneasy one; those that are born into the life of the Seacraft either stick with it or turn to another craft. The ones that stay get to see things many people locked on land have no idea about or only hear stories on.

Sundari grew up at sea; her family owns a few fishing boats in which they do their main job of catching fish for sell, taking people out on fishing trips, and even boating small supplies two and from some Islands to help people out from time to time. Some stick with the craft they are born into, while others go and find one that is more there calling. For Sundari being in the Seacraft was her calling, she loves everything about the say and can't see a reason for changing it. At least not yet.

At the age of fifteen turns she has be a big help to her family business, she knows how to fish the waters almost better than her father and older brothers, and can mend a net quicker than her mother and older sisters. Being the youngest kid of five she has been given a good amount of wiggle room to get away with things and perhaps cause a fair amount of trouble. She's a talkative child, and sometimes even considered nosey, her attitude has been described bubbly, a normal teenager some might say.

She and her two older sisters often go to Western Weyr to sell the fish that have been caught, and work at signing up people for fishing trips that may be visiting the weyr for the weather on vacation. When at the market they share the stalls of different friends to try and get more money for the items the sell. Thanks to this Sundari has a good many friends at the market, one of them being Fjorwynn and his family whose market stall hey often use. While she doesn't tend to spend a lot of time at the Weyr when there she shares plenty of stories (most of them tall tales) of the open seas and the 'monsters' that live within its depts., some true, some not so true. In turn her friends tell her what has been going on at the Weyr so she can at least stay caught up on everything that has been going on. This all changed when she was asked to stand for a clutch and impressed Irkevalath, a blue that is not at all typical of his color.

Irkevalath tends to follow the beat to his own drum so to speak, he remembers more then most dragons tend to, also seems to have a thing for causing trouble in some fashion or another, and loves to sing… In his manor of course. Many wish the blue would forget how to of course.

Times change, everyone grows up even Sundari does. The stories are still there, lingering waiting to be told but she isn't the happy go lucky one that she was turns ago. She still has a smile, a laugh, a joke and is there for her friends but there is something missing, a light is gone. Her family is missing, some say they are dead, she refuses to believe and even though she doesn't bring it up it is still a lasting worry on her mind. Her relationship with S'rorn went on to them to be Weyrmates, but even they have issues (who doesn't!). Perhaps things will change and improve with time. They are expecting there first child after all.

Many things happen to many people, things change, relationships fall apart, and bad things happen to good people. The relationship between S'rorn and Sundari started to fall apart before Sarina was born, even after it didn't improve and the pair would drift apart. Sundari blames herself for most of it near the end, she fell in love with someone else, someone who was there for her when she needed him the most. The relationship between D'nyl and Sundari has always been a different one, it was a long time before feelings ever were brought up, though it did happen. The two have a son, and are tick as thieves a good amount of the time. D'nyl saved her from her own brother, and pulled her from falling down a darker rabbit hole, while she will never be who she was before she could not have even attempted to be what she is now without D'nyl. The two have a pair of twins as well, which only few may now the full history on, it is something neither will bring up that is for certain. Kids grow and now the happy little family is five with another little girl ruling the roost so to speak Sunara is much like her mother which should leave plenty of people worrying for the sanity as she gets older.

Plenty of things have happened in Sunny's life, her family is not that 'sane' and she's had to deal with them more then once. In the end it's worked out, but to a degree that even Sundari may never honestly be able to come back from fully. Sundari is also no longer Weyrling Master, instead she has went back to Search and Rescue. Many perhaps wonder why, but she has told few her real reason behind the change, if that was even the real reason.


Name Relation Location Position
William Father Dead Captain of Shooting Stars Ship
Isabella Mother Missing? SeaCrafter on Shooting Stars
Spence Brother +7 Turns Dead SeaCrafter on Brown Ale Ship
Randal Brother +6 Turns Missing? SeaCrafter on Brown Ale Ship
Darrel Brother +6 Turns Dead SeaCrafter on Shooting Stars
Carlina Sister +3 Turns Dead SeaCrafter on Shooting Stars
Adrianne Sister +3 Turns Missing? SeaCrafter on Shooting Stars


Name Relation Location Position
D'nyl Weyrmate? ??? Rider/Missing
Darryl Son Half Moon Weyr Angsty Teen (D'nyl's son) 14 Turns
Nyln Son Half Moon Weyr Cute Kid! (D'nyl's son, Raylin's Twin) 11 Turns
Raylin Daughter Half Moon Weyr Cute Kid! (D'nyl's daughter, Nylin's Twin) 11 Turns
Sunara Daughter Half Moon Weyr Cute Kid! (D'nyl's daughter) 6 Turns
Aerza Friend Half Moon Weyr Rider
Ila'den Friend Half Moon Weyr Rider
R'hyn Friend Half Moon Weyr Weyrleader HMW
S'rorn Ex-Weyrmate Western Weyr Rider
Sarina Daughter Western Weyr Angsty Teen (S'rorn's daughter) 15 Turns


Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Irkevalath

This blue is laid out like an ocean before. A deep dark blue is washed over the great majority of his hide. There is a certain sheen to his hide, and it seems to glisten in spots in the light. This blue is smooth and sleek, without any rough edges or corners. The sort of smooth that makes one eager to run their hands over, like well polished stone. Wings tuck neatly at his back, like a gentle rolling wave and expand into cerulean cliffs against his navy black. Strong and stocky as opposed to long and limber, the blue sails are robust enough to take a strong gust even as a tiny weyrling. Large ridges ripple up and down his back, leading down to an unusually tall and flat tail. Dark blue ridges sit heavily over the eye of a fierce face. Two baby blue splotches fan out from the narrowed eyes, making this blue look all the more intense. A powerful jaw sits below the shadowed snout in this same light blue. The lighter color drips down the underside of his neck and washes over his entire stomach and underside. Thick strong limbs of average length extend from his torso, ending in onyx talons that shimmer blue when light hits them just right.


Skimming the Cream Brown Brown Strider

A large, plump brown. His hide is dark in hue, coffee without any cream along his back and the spars of his wings. With a sheen of moisture, he shines almost bronze - but it's just a trick of the light. He's simply a brown, the rounded curve of his stomach a russet potato with a splash of butter-yellow melted against his chest. His wings are broad, their span an impressive one for a brown. He could soar, if he chose to do so, on coffee-colored sails marked with random blotches of cream not yet stirred in. At least, they're probably random. Only he knows for sure, and his jaws are definitely sealed on the matter.


  • Counting Crows: Accidently In Love
  • Neon Trees: Everybody Talks
  • MGMT: Kids
  • MGMT: Time To Pretend
  • MGMT: Electric Feel
  • The Smashing Pumpkins: Tonight Tonight
  • Young Dubliners: Jump In The Sea
  • Young Dubliners: Knickers
  • The Black Eyed Peas: Pump It
  • The Black Eyed Peas: Boom Boom Pow
  • Blue October: Into The Ocean
  • Macklemore: Can't Hold Us


Title OOC Date Cast
Introducing... Sundari! February 13, 2013 Sundari, Zi'on
Party Hardy with a Wet Noodle February 16, 2013 Areia, Enka, Ila'den, Kayse, Naris, Rhadan, Rou'x, Sundari, V'ric, Zi'on
Green Around the Gills February 19, 2013 Kazuto, Raev, Sundari, Zi'on
Of Books and Weyrmates February 20, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan, Sundari
Ladies' Night at the Perfect Alibi February 22, 2013 Areia, Kayse, Rhadan, Sundari, Zi'on
The Race! February 24, 2013 Sundari, Zi'on
Rub-a-dub-dub Suldith's in the Tub February 25, 2013 Sundari, Zi'on
All I Want Is A Place To Sit February 27, 2012 Enka, Fjorwynn, Kayse, Sundari
Family, Fighting, and Footrubs March 01, 2013 Kayse, Naris, Sundari, Zi'on
Out of Weyr Adventure March 02, 2013 Sundari, Zi'on
Riding is Fun for Other People March 04, 2013 Kayse, Sundari
Insanity at the Infirmary March 8, 2013 Enka, Ila'den, Naris, Rhadan, Sundari, Zi'on
Searchings and Hatchings (Sundari and Kazuto are Searched) March 10, 2013 Kazuto, Sundari, Zi'on
Dinner! March 12, 2013 Rhadan, Kyldar, Sundari
Candidates Out for Drinks? March 14, 2013 Rhadan, Jeyinshi, Sundari
No Egg Kissing Allowed (Egg Touching #1) March 14, 2013 Enka, Kazuto, Sundari, Rhadan
Ila'den's Tighty-Whities March 14, 2013 Sundari, Zi'on
Egg Snacks (Touching #2) March 15, 2013 Ir'e, Rhabel, Rhadan, Sundari
Row, Row, Row Your Boat... March 18,2013 Zi'on, Kazuto, Rhabel, Rhadan, Sundari
SCHLOOP DA WHOOP March 21, 2013 Iolain, Sundari, Rhadan, Schloopy, Schlippy
Shadhavarth and Teimyrth's Clutch Hatches April 01, 2013 Enka, Iris, Iolain, Kazuto, Sundari, D'ani, Jethaniel, Kiena, Zi'on
Welcome to Western April 11, 2013 Zi'on, Takapola, Sundari
Craziness in the Caverns April 14, 2013 Ila'den, Sundari, Takapola, Zi'on
Things Not To Do with a Sunburnt Weyrling April 17, 2013 Sundari, Takapola, Zi'on, Kyldar
Moving and Grooving April 21, 2013 Sundari, Takapola, Zi'on
The Trick Is Not Falling In... April 22, 2013 Sundari, Takapola
Star Light, Star Bright April 24, 2013 Sundari, Takapola
Dripping. Wet. April 25, 2013 Sundari, Takapola, Zi'on
Hard at Work and Taking it Easy April 28, 2013 Naris, Sundari, Takapola, Zi'on
Medium Rare May 15, 2013 Sundari, Takapola, Irkevalath
Insomiancs Anonymous July 21, 2013 Sundari, Naris


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