This young woman is, in a word, an anomaly. A few inches over six feet in height and with a rather athletic build, she is not one that can easily be missed. Add in her nearly klah-dark skin and she's definitely the type that'll stick out like a sore thumb in any place she sets foot on. Her hair is black and kept in a short and practical boyish cut and is paired with slightly tilted, hazel-hued eyes, together drawing out features that are more 'handsome' than conventionally 'pretty' — a slight flattening of her nose and robustness to her lips bespeaks of an ancestry that's not commonly seen. She's roughly 19 turns of age, give or take a turn if she's frowning or smiling.

Her clothing ranges toward the practical by virtue of her line of work; generally, it consists of a tank-top that conforms to her boyish build and a work-shirt that doubles as an overshirt, a pair of sturdy, leather trousers, and work boots that have seen more hard days than mild. When on-duty, she can typically be seen wearing a leather handyman's belt with a variety of tools, rags, and heavy leather gloves. Her knot marks her as a resident of Western Weyr; her tools are plenty indication of her profession.


The eldest of nine children, Sunitha was the one doomed to have the most solid head on her shoulders. Her father, Sundar, passed of a terrible wasting sickness little more than six months after her brother, Suraj, was born; their mother, Aditya, was quick to marry Sundar's brother in pursuit of some sense of stability and proceeded to produce seven more children, all of whom were collectively raised by the nannies and Aditya herself.

Sunitha did the best she could to help rear her siblings and half-siblings and soon developed a knack for repairing all sorts of things — from broken toys to torn clothes, she had a hand for fixing that was in much need by the time she turned fourteen or so. She was quick to be taken up by the Headwoman as another maintenance person and has happily settled into the role ever since. Crafts never properly clicked for her and, thus far, the dragons have remained oblivious to her … but neither bothers her at all; she is what she is and, for now, she's satisfied. She remains a proud resident of Western Weyr and, despite a few forays out into the world at large, seems to be quite happy just where she is for the here and now.

She is down-to-earth and holds no reservations whatsoever about Weyrlife, having been born and raised at Western Weyr — as her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother before were — and tends to have a rather wry sense of humor about most anything.


Name Relation Location Position
Aditya Mother Western Weyr Resident
Sundar Father Western Weyr Deceased
Rajani Uncle Western Weyr Cook
Suraj Brother Western Weyr Resident
Rajni Half-Sister Western Weyr Resident
Rajnish Half-Brother Western Weyr Resident
Ajit Half-Brother Western Weyr Resident
Rajesh Half-Brother Western Weyr Resident
Amrita Half-Sister Western Weyr Resident
Rachana Half-Sister Western Weyr Resident
Anuj Half-Brother Western Weyr Resident



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