Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Telgar cothold
Occupation Junior Weyrwoman
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Played By Musetta Vander
Dragon Gold Seyunestudath

Long flowing hair the color of darkness incarnate softly in gentle waves down this young girl's head, over narrow shoulders before they finally end at her lower waist. Those same darkened strands feather about her cheeks as they frame her face down past her chin, offering a level of privacy should those cold eyes are directed down. Complexion is of a healthy pale tone, a delicate blush showing against the soft hues as well as a faint mottling of freckles across her nose and below milky jade eyes which stand brightly upon her face. Her frame is nothing out of the norm, average height and not too thin for a girl of her age though there is some muscle tone from work of turns passed slipping over well endowed curvature.

Hanging snugly around her shoulders and chest, accentuating her features before filling out into billowing sleeves is a tunic the color of ash with collar hanging low. A dark pair of mahogany pants falls from her waist, held well into place by a raven sash snugly tied and left to dangle at her hip down to her knees. The same raven hues adorn a pair of durable leather boots that rise just below her knees, free of any design of adornment. These boots are well scuffed and wrinkled that have obviously seen better days.


If there's anything an ambitious youth covets above all, it's to be remembered. Well, most youths. There's one which aspires to be the opposite. Non-descript, mediocre, blending into the background where they practically vanish to the eyes of anyone looking for them. That youth would be the young boy, Suresh, of the Minercraft.

His family has developed a frowned upon notoriety over the turns, separating himself as much as possible and forging his own path to something more modest and respected would be the only way his reputation could possibly bloom into something salvageable. Something his own and not overpowered by more prominent figures of his rather chaotic family tree. For turns he kept his nose to the books, eschewing dalliances and other social gatherings until he was given a direct order to attend or face judicial punishment. When one is walking the tables, they're required to be there, after all.

Here, at this droll event likely created only for yet another excuse for Pern's residents to imbibe, is where a unique mineral attracts his attention. A pair to be exact. A soft powdery glitter imbued in slate grey, under long earth toned lashes. The rest of the night for the young man Suresh lost his fellow crafters many marks. Turns out the man really did hit puberty turns back and he wasn't just choking on dust, after all.

Now, Journeyman Suresh, content his boring life is safe and secure, could have some resemblance of normal with his wife and children. Four boys and three girls, to be exact! All just as bland and boring and he is, or so he thought.
Young Suriya grew up being the perfect child, obedient and respectable. Once the freedom that comes with age arrived, well…

If there's anything an ambitious youth covets above all, it's to be remembered.


Name Relation Location Position
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The Bestest Bronze Mabon

This bronze firelizard is a thing of majestic beauty. Strong and muscular in all the right places, a creature of perfect symmetry. So when he looks at you and wonders why you would wear that shirt, just remember. It'll cost 10 marks for him to pretend it's not tacky and another 50 for him to sit on your shoulder. <3

Strength in Beauty Green Beltane

At first glance, this green is soft, delicate, feminine to the last. She moves with grace, acts with poise, is never one to stray far from the path of propriety. At least, not where you can see, but turn your back and you might well find thorns and claws dug into it. Her form matches her demeanor, body svelte, hide a pearlescent green that shimmers with faint undertones of gold and silver in the right light. There's something vaguely floral about the way sage dapples her shoulders and the backs of her wings, as though someone let her rest upon a rose-printed tapestry and the pattern wore off onto her hide. Only beneath her wings does her soft coloration vary, a sharp, angry juniper twining in an unravelable bramble of thorns.


I'm a picky slacker, I promise I'll add to this when things vibe~


This Is About To Get Weird Gold Seyunestudath

This little queen is slim and dainty, the very picture of elegance and graceā€¦ and if you believe that, she's got a bridge in Nerat she'd be happy to sell your gullible ass! No, this isn't some passive broodmare, some timid waif that's about to get blown away on a stiff breeze - she is a rock, she is the hard place, a veritable brick shithouse and she loves every single second of it. She owns her strong and husky form, stride powerful and full of purpose, wings half-cocked as though she's just as likely to punch you with their leading edge as she is to launch herself away from your bullshit. Each knuckle, of paw and wing alike, are gnarled and stricken with shiny slashes of silver, and whether they're scars or markings upon her aureolin hide is anyone's guess, really. Few venture close enough to find out, for she has a honkin' badonkadonk of a tail and she looks like she knows how to use it. Though not much one for flashy colors or unbelievable patterns, she has been graced with a few feminine features, namely cute little freckles that spot the tough bridge of her nose, lending a sort of softness to her tough girl demeanor. White spheres encircle her neck like a strand of pearls, the occasional orb or two escaping across her shoulders to speckle the underside of her wings like an up-close and personal chart of stars.


Title OOC Date Cast
Tourist Attractions January 20, 2019 Suriya, Viora
Change of Plans (Suriya is Searched) January 28, 2019 Z'tan, Suriya
Fresh Scent (Leeta is Searched) January 30, 2019 Suyi, Aishen, Teinon, Suriya, Leeta
Friendly Bits February 1, 2019 Teinon, Suriya
Be Prepared! (Vignette) February 17, 2019 Suriya
Investigations February 24, 2019 Teinon, Suriya
Follow The Signs March 10, 2019 N'on, Suriya


Suriya has been in 7 scenes since April 2018, mainly because she sucks at updating logs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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