Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ista
Occupation Journeyman Harper
Hair Black
Eyes Brown

This woman is tall and slender, with rich brown skin and delicate features. Her dark brown eyes look out from under thick black lashes, and they sparkle with intelligence and just a hint of mischief. Long black hair, either left loose or done up in a braid, comes to just about the middle of her back. She can usually be found in a pair of short. An extra splash of color is added in the form of a flowing tank top.


Ayushi wasn't the product of some epic love story or her personality the result of some dark hidden past. No, the girl grew up like most children of Pern…normal. Painfully so. Her parents were trader-folk of the same craft assigned to Ista Weyr and it's there that she grew up. The girl was neither particularly mischievous nor particularly kind. Being part of the Weyr allowed her to have quite a bit of freedom however, and she took full advantage of it. It /did/ get her into trouble sometimes, but doesn't that happen to everyone? The girl did eventually find something to spend her life doing, though would one call it her calling? Not really. But in the end she joined the Harpers anyways and somehow made her way up to Journeyman. Though a resident of Ista all her life, she was just recently transferred away and is still trying to figure out her new home.


Name Relation Location Position
Raishi Mother Ista Weyr Master Glasscrafter
Yuven Father Ista Weyr Master Glasscrafter


The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Zychaelth
Head perhaps a tad large, headknobs a little twisty, claws grown a bit long , this is not your typical blue. He is tiny in the extreme, and doesn't so much walk as scuttle, limbs sharply bent to carry himself low to the ground. Faceted eyes err on the side of huge, giving him a quaint, cartoonishly adorable appearance utterly belied by… well, the rest of his existence. There's no mistaking this creature for anything other than the mischief-maker he is despite his appearance's best efforts. Royal blue defines the majority of his coloration, striking in its classic regality. Dusky shades of midnight fade up the length of his muzzle in a strong gradient, fading to small lines that arc up over his brows, providing him with a particularly expressive face. Darkened hues pervade clear to the tips of his headknobs, at which point they strike down the length of his spine with all the subtlety of a thunderclap. Proud, strong shoulders feature stripes with curved edges, a deep, dark sapphire pushing out from beneath his wings, growing narrower until finally they form an arrow's point at the base of his tail. Soft dabs of periwinkle softens this austere ferocity, encircling both eyelids before sliding down the length of his throat, stomach, and inner thighs. His tail - rather short, more suited for a wher than a dragon - remains untouched excepting a single freckled birthmark midway along its length. His toes are tipped with claws the color of the void of space, inky depths matched only by the undersides of his wings. These have been painted in the image of galaxies, distant, unknowable stars winking in and out with the shifting of 'sails, a singular streak of white pointing towards his heart, as though imply a wish exceedingly strangely fulfilled.



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