Weyrhealer T'burk


T'burk, once of Ogren Hold and then High Reaches Weyr, is 5'7" tall, and of a slight build of 156 lbs. His dark brown hair has a sheen of reddish gold on top from time spent in the tropical sun. His dark brown eyes seem bright and friendly, but look closer and you'll see a deep sadness hidden within them. His naturally smooth face has high cheekbones , a slightly upturned aqualine nose and lips that carry only a hint of a smile. Although pleasant and willing to be helpful to all, and certainly a hard worker, he is quiet and reserved even to the point of shyness, and at times he can still be somewhat of a recluse.

T'burk is wearing a simple shoulder knot of spring green to signify his beloved lifemte, Vinteth.

T'burk is wearing his traditional riding gear, made of tan hide. The jacket has a turn-up collar, and from the right shoulderstrap is looped the knot of a rider of Western Weyr. It boasts the Weyr's colors of sky blue, lavender and black. Interwoven with those strands is a satin band of fresh spring green, signifying the color of his dragon, Vinteth. From his left shoulder hangs the purple knot of a Senior Journeyman Healer, and the badges sewn to the sleeve's shoulder indicate his field as Search and Rescue. Beneath that are the embroidered badges of Harper Hall, and the smaller one of a free lance artist. It the jacket does boast a little extra trim running along the collar and front, and at the cuffs, he begs your forgiveness. His Rider trews are just loose enough to allow freedom of movement without creating any drag. They fit snugly abound his bottom without being too suggestive. His boots are a reddish brown hue, with leather lacing weaving up to secure them to his legs.


T'burk was born the sixth child of eight (fourth of four sons) to a minor Lord Holder of Ogren Hold, approximately 70 miles northeast of High Reaches Weyr. Barely thirteen when he was picked up on Search by Blue Regreth, he was grateful just to be away from a home where he was little more than a drudge and records keeper for his father. He was surprised when just moments before Hatching began, he was shoved into a white woolen robe and told that he was, indeed, a Candidate. He Impressed Vinteth, a pale green dragon with a yellowish streak down her face. As soon as Vinteth, flirtatios as she is, was mature enough to rise in mating flight, she was caught by Blue Regreth. S'loan, Regreth's rider, about four Turns T'burk's senior, proved to be a warm, nurturing weyrmate and was closer and more concerned about T'burk's wellbeing than any of T'burk's family members had been. When Regreth was killed in a freakish accident while Vinteth was flying a challenge race one foggy night around the Seven Spindles in 2623, blame was somehow laid on T'burk. A few days later, S'loan suicided. It cut T'burk to the very core of his being. Unable to endure the sense of loss, or the loneliness and shame that he now felt, as well as suffering from physical pains that he would not make known, he was transfered to Southern Weyr. He remained there for nearly two Turns, working hard and trying to make friends without getting too attached to anyone. Most of his free time, however, was spent alone in his weyr and getting drunk on cheap Tillek wine. As a last resort he was transferred to Western Weyr. He is working hard to redeem himself (he feels, and hopes) in the eyes of all Pern, but is still somewhat of a recluse. His greatest joy, and by far the most stabilizing factor in his life, is the love and affection he receives from Vinteth. But, deep inside, he still mourns the death of his first weyrmate.


Name Relation Location Position
Lady Velida Mother Ogren Hold Deceased
Lord Karanac Father Ogren Hold Deceased
Altos Brother
Keller Brother Hanged
Pella Sister
Selly Sister
Stephnan Half-Brother Deceased
Tanya Sister
Velora Sister
Dyanara Weyrmate Western Weyr Rider of Green Gwydionth
Kylar Weyrmate
K'urk Son Fort Weyr Rider of Blue Daoth
Toree Daughter
S'dan Son Eastern Weyr Rider of Brown Cyrilth
Toraya Daughter
Kadan Grandson
Kyldar Grandaughter
Kestilran Grandson Fort Weyr


Bronze Flaim

Brown Prim

Blue Starlight

Green Jewel

Green Shanguang



Green Vinteth
Vinteth is a large pale green dragon of 25 meters from the tip of her yellowish nose to the tip of her green tail. Her wingspan is about 41 meters, and she takes pride in the fact that she is one of the fastest dragons on Pern! Her face sports a yellowish blaze. She is friendly to those humans who show respect to her rider, but watch out! She can be overly protective and almost 'motherly' to T'burk! But, to her rider's chagrin, she can also be very flirty, too.

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