Tall dark and handsome is perhaps a rather cliche way of describing him; but there can be no doubt that with his dark brown hair of a shade nearly black, and his brown eyes, this young man could do well to break hearts should he so choose. While his upper body is strongly muscled, and he's broad of shoulder, there is still a lean wiriness and purpose to the rest of him. A rather square jaw and firm chin define his broad expressive face, a straight prominent nose, and a wide firm-lipped mouth complete him. Somewhat weathered by the cold climes and snows of the snowy north, his complexion is fair, hailing as he does from a land where sunlight rarely shines.

Simple flying leathers clothe his frame, a thick heavy jacket of brown wherhide and lined with ovine wool for warmth is often draped over his shoulder when not being worn, and his wherhide flight pants are tucked into a pair of boots that are worn and scuffed along the heels. Beneath the jacket, he wears a homespun tunic, dyed an umber-brown, and the simple loop of an Ierne WeyrHold rider twined by a strand of bronze.


Weyrbred Taeluvas has spent his entire life in the frosty cold of High Reaches Weyr. His mother was a seamstress before her death when the boy was ten, and his father is a Beastcrafter in charge of overseeing the herdbeasts that arrive in tithe for the dragons' meals. For most of Taeluvas's life, he was in a state of flux — being young and small, his daily routine was a mish-mash of chores for a small boy, and developing friendships with others of his age group.

Having been given the opportunity to stand once for a clutch at a young age — barely over the age limit, Tae walked off the sands alone, but not disappointed. He'd discovered by then that he was starting to grow up, and it wasn't long before he began to assist his father in the daily chores of mucking out stalls, and moving herdbeasts. The resulting turns saw puberty hit, and the boy shot up in height and put on muscle. He also began to discover girls, even if he couldn't understand them half of the time.

Since then, Taeluvas has been a rather infrequent visitor to the living caverns; he might be seen about during a meal, but much of his time has been spent within the stables for the last couple of Turns. Asked again to stand as a Candidate for a new clutch on the sands, Taeluvas was chosen by bronze Jraireth, and the two entered weyrlinghood together with much anticipation.

Once barely out of weyrlinghood, Jraireth wrenched a wing muscle and it was declared that he would be unable to fly for some time. Desperate to find the best possible care for his beloved dragon, the young bronzerider sought the assistance of the dragonhealers of Ierne WeyrHold. There, it was decided, the two would transfer until such a time that Jraireth was fully healed. Transport dragons were arranged to transfer the young bronze to the WeyrHold, and T'vas was instruacted in the proper care of a ground-bound dragon … mucking him out when he needed to go, and preparing his meals (although thankfully, no having to chop anything). It was a lot like weyrlinghood, all over again.


Name Relation Location Position
Thereul Father High Reaches Weyr Beastcrafter
Vaeli Father Deceased Seamstress
Valeri Sister High Reaches Weyr Fosterling




Seeker of Justice Bronze Jraireth
His muzzle is sharply pointed, and very angular for a dragon, with his head the orange bronze of a new cast bronze vase. Eyes are set deep into a head that is perched atop a long neck, dusted with antique bronze. His chest is slender and long with the orange bronze coloring continuing along his body. Antique bronze mottling etches feather-like designs on his hide. Orange bronze dances with weathered bronze mottling continue on the hips, flowing along the tail to the spade. Wings open revealing antique bronze sails, light bronze at the top of the wings and a darker bronze on the bottom with a line of weathered bronze dividing them.

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