Taiklor stands at a height that is close to six foot three, and he weighs at a modest 175 pounds. His hair is a dark brown that is almost never neat; there is always some of it that is sticking up in the air. It usually is flat due to the thickness of it, but it has stuck up when he had slept on his side with wet hair. His eyes are a dark emerald that seems to shine with happiness when the man smiles. Or even dull in color when he's sad. His hair comes down to cover his eyes partway and covers up his thick black eyebrows.
His build can be described as lean muscular and he really doesn't like to show it. His clothes show his relaxed personality as they are loose fitting, yet snug on his body. He wears black pants that come to about 3 inches above the ground and they look like they have been through many turns.


Taiklor is the son of the rider of Ciragath, T'lin; whom resides within Western Weyr as one of their Vintners. Though the youth was born not in the weyr, but on the hold where his grandparents resided. His father had gotten caught up with a green rider; though in the begining the relationship seemed that it would crumble. But after Tai was born, it cemented into a real family like relationship. Though, the Vintner trade called T'lin back to Western Weyr; bringing his son with him. While not many people connected Taiklor to T'lin, as they were rarely seen together aside from within their weyr and out at night when they were watching the stars over the ocean. Some did know of their relationship.

While his son didn't take to the Vintner trade, he did go into a trade of his own choosing. Granted, that choice was Healing. While his father really wanted him to go into his own trade, Tai had more fun helping others with their problems. Rather than 'helping them mask it with wine' as Tai put it to his father, jokingly. As the kid grew older, T'lin had asked A'ven; a family friend, to help him along with his craft. T'lin and A'ven had met after the younger bronze had impressed and already made a name for himself within the weyr. When T'lin came back, he got to know him to put himself back into the weyr's trade business.

Granted, Tai was aside himself when he was being helped by the Weyrleader; he got over that initial shock of the treatment and began to learn in earnest about the craft. Even if he couldn't do much of anything through his apprenticing years. The youth got used to going to the weyrleader about pretty much anything! Be it with healing matters, weyr issues, or even just to chat from time to time.

Recently, within a month or two ago; Tai had undergone the testing required to move up into the Senior Apprentice within the craft, allowing him to be posted to his home weyr and continue to learn under A'ven. T'lin had all the confidence in the world, as well as his bronze Ciragath putting in his words of faith for the youth. While, his father did say that it would've been nice for Tai to go into Dragonhealing, but Tai just laughed and said that it would be easier to keep his old man living until his golden years.

Though while he was learning how to be a healer, the tough started to take up a rather interesting sport. While in the current world, it was known as Parkour or freerunning. He's gotten pretty good at it as well! It helps to keep him lean and strong while also nimble and fast. Though, he usually used the pastures as his training ground, so he's gotten rather adept at jumping fences and running across them! As well as doing a few flips off of walls. He's still learning!


Name Relation Location Position
T'lin Father Western NPC/Vintner



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