Seamount Wingrider Taira


This young woman is relatively tall and with a slight build - small chested, and narrow of hip. Her black hair is kept relatively short, though tends towards dry and fly-away, the ends brushing around her shoulders and often falling over her face, which only serves to make her bright green eyes and slightly crooked nose all the more noticeable. Her mouth is quite thin though seems to have a permanent upwards curve to it, even when angry.

Taira's riding leathers are quite simple in design, made for function rather than fashion. The leather has been dyed a rich dark blue, and a stripe of black runs down each arm and the seam of each trouser leg. The jacket is high-necked and a faint hint of paler blue fur peeks out of the collar, the trousers flare slightly at the bottom but are otherwise plain. Her boots are polished black wherhide, a few scuffs at the toes the only real sign that these are not as new as the rest of her outfit.

Looped about her shoulder is the double corded, double looped knot of a Western Weyr wingleader, an extra dark blue thread denoting Taira's dragon, and the tassel at the apex of the knot in gold. The Seamount wing patch is sewn on one sleeve.


Taira is the only daughter of Master Varien of the WoodCraft, and his wife Thaya, though that statement is something of a fallacy. While she is the only natural child, she is only one of many that the couple have fostered over the turns. Nicknamed Byrd at an early age because of her tendency to hide in bushes (and latterly trees) to sing at people, she lacks one major thing in common with the avians of legend - the ability to sing. Oh she can chirp with the best of them but actually carrying a tune… well that's something best left to the Harpers.

As any child does she has her dreams, which change almost daily. First came the dragonrider phase, which her uncle A'lien adored as it meant he was able to take her places with him. Then was her Lady Holder phase where she took to wearing a blanket as a cape when she climbed trees and bossed people around. Following that she took an interest in the crafhall library where she helped with the books.

There was always an assumption that she would join the craft as an apprentice when she became of age, and that was what eventually happened just before her thirteenth birthday. Though if ever asked she would say it was what she had planned all along, she could easily be categorised as the reluctant apprentice - she has little talent for woodly things, and really only did it to please her father.

Thirteen has been a difficult age for her — having proven herself to be a less than talented apprentice she took to goofing off, spending a considerable about of time in a treehouse she found in the forest. Little did she know her father was the one responsible for the initial construction, though it might have gone some way towards explaining his lack of worry about her spending so much time there. She got into trouble as much as any apprentice, perhaps more simply because of who she was, the longest punishment stemming from stealing a firelizard egg from her father's clutch.

Taira was just turning fourteen when she was Searched to High Reaches by M'lak's blue Adenylath. Not so pleasantly Orla was Searched at the same time, but Taira could easily hide from the old(er) woodcrafter. Only a day after Taira was Searched came Lythanam, a harper that she had befriended thanks to a mutual love of pranking, and Andis who was quiet but fun to tease. More and more candidates arrived, some that she took to, some that she plotted pranks for. One prank went slightly wrong when her trick kaleidoscope fell into the wrong hands and a rider found himself with a black eye. After that, and a severe telling of from Ro, she tried to behave but some things just aren't fun.

Hatching day came and Taira clung to Taniel and Lythanam as if her life depended on it - and really it could have. As first one, then the other of her friends Impressed she became more and more nervous, practically hiding when a gold hatched and seemed intent on her part of the line. In the end it was an inquisitive blue, Analysis in Azure Blue Bhezuth, that resulted in her final, literal, downfall. She ended that night tired but happy, sharing the weyrling barracks Orla and Springtime Umbrage Gold Nieleth, Ly'am (Lythanam) and Gothic Guardian Bronze Odryth, Taniel and Extravagant Tastes Brown Lijenth, A'di (Andis) and Strangely Enchanted Blue Dalasith, Rei (Reiko) and Consorting with Death Green Dalriath, Kiri and Elegance in Form Green Safernith.

Weyrlinghood was not an easy time. Bhezuth was into everything, Taira was trying to grow out of pranking, and the two were destined for trouble right from the start. Having learned to fly Bhezuth loved their daily trips from the weyr. Those trips eventually turned into nightly trips after the eagle-eyed blue spotted some cart tracks and insisted they had to investigate. Caught returning by D'ana one night, they were hauled before the temporarily appointed Weyrwoman, Pandara, and ordered to start weyrlinghood all over again. An illicit betweening lesson from Ly'am would have the bronzeriding weyrling joining her but not at the beginning of weyrlinghood, back in candidacy. As well as weyrling duties they had to do everything a candidate would as well, exhausting the pair but making them even more determined to get their revenge.

Graduation seemed so far off for Taira and Ly'am, even more so as the others they Impressed with neared graduation. Taira took her courage in both hands and made an impassioned plea to Or'un to let Ly'am graduate with the others since the betweening class had been her idea. Her plea fell on deaf ears. Their only hope was to ace their exams. Spurred on by anger, previous crush on the Weyrleader totally destroyed, the pair did just that, though they were not told until their names were called that they would be graduating on time.

The Weyrwoman was furious, the Weyrsecond also, but Taira was thrilled and as she took up her place as a member of Deygan wing she promised that she would behave. But then promises were always made to be broken.

For a time things were quiet, though slowly her relationship with Ly'am turned more from prankster friends to something deeper, eventually consummated in the orchard after Odryth lost his first flight. It was around then that Orla became senior weyrwoman, taking over from The Snake as Taira liked to call Pandara, and for a while things were not far from perfect in her mind. Eventually Taira and Ly'am weyrmated in their own way - too young to want to actually move in together but showing the world they were committed. Then… it all went wrong.

Pandara had been doing her own thing, trying to arrange the downfall of Orla so that she could take back the Weyr, and Odryth fell sick with a strange flu that originated from Ista. The bronze wasn't recovered fully when Orla was forced to stand down and the thought of staying with The Snake as senior was enough to send the weyrmates in search of a new home. Along with many other 'refugees' from Reaches they headed to Western, though it took along time for Taira to settle in. She hated it at first, but tried for Ly'am and Odryth. She's slowly settling in, but old habits die hard and the prankster is resurfacing in a very unusual way.

Family & Friends

Name Relation Location Position
Ly'am Weyrmate Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider of bronze Odryth
D'ana Lover Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider of blue Haezynth
Bahron Lover Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident
L'kan Son (by D'ana) Half Moon Bay Weyr Rider of bronze Elenth
Thaya Mother Woodcraft Hall Kitchen Assistant
Varien Father Woodcraft Hall Apprentice Master
A'lian Uncle Eastern Weyr Rider of blue Torith


Looks can be Deceiving gold Tananda
Grace and elegance inhabit this delicate gold fire lizard, from the pointed tip of her snout, to the curved opulence of her tail. A myriad of tiny rivulets of platinum caress and stroke down her sides and over her stomach, the contrasting lines barely visible to the untrained eye, yet hauntingly beautiful even still. Her wings rise in a triumphant flurry of deep, velvety colour, their sails flowing like an exquisitely tailored Lady’s gown, draping her in a protective covering of sheer decadence.

Lessons in Detection bronze Maxwell
Burnished copper simply melts over this little 'lizard, like he's been sat infront of a fire and forgotten about. His wingspars are overly long and the wingsails drip off their mounting in long thin drooping arcs. A deep shimmering pool rests in a dip between his shoulder, almost black yet still shiny as it pours down his elongated back and thin wiry limbs. As for his tail, its uneven edges and scrawny appearance make it look like more of an afterthought than an appendage. The only pieces of him that have escaped the unfortunate overheating are his eyes which shine from their slightly drippy casing and his talons, a startling silver against their molten bronze owner.

Beware the Black Knight brown Jeremy
A circlet of gold rests upon the noble brow of this brown who would be king, giving him a knightly air that is not altogether justified. His hide tends towards the darker shades, sepia mixing with patches of deep red-brown terracotta, and yet his feet appear redder still, the talons seemingly dipped in blood. His tail is long, and only there is the colour pure — a rich woody mahogany shade from haunch to tip. The gold from his forehead reappears as decoration down the edges of his great russet wings, the sails flowing around his form like a well tailored cloak.


Analysis in Azure Blue Bhezuth
Diminutive in both length and stature, here's a figure who might well be underestimated at first glance. Inky hues of midnight cloak his hide, rendering him particularly well-suited for moving through shadows, movements quick and light. Headknobs, a bit shorter than what one might expect, cap off his tapered head jauntily, set well above protruding ridges and keen, brilliant eyes. Neckridges and spars gleam razor-sharp, blue-black like the curved talons that fit seamlessly with each of his paws. Smoke swirls down his strong chest and under the curve of his belly, the same hint of grey that curls thoughtfully among membranous wingsails, drifting away to disappear into his dark, spaded tail-tip.

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