Gender Male
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Roughscale Rock Hold
Occupation Seacraft Senior Apprentice
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel

This young man has a lanky build with more limb than should fit in one place, but he makes it work - or at least, he hasn't fallen apart yet. Shaggy brown hair is irregularly bleached by the sun as it grows out of what was once a neat trim, and his water-and-algae eyes look out over tanned cheeks with a vague haze of stubble.
He wears a long-sleeved yellow cotton shirt, and over it, a burnt orange vest laced up in front. His dark brown canvas trousers are patched at the knees and tucked into leather boots.


The story begins with Pohl: a sailor, the captain of the Skywave - a small ship that wanders the Western islands in search of good deals. Her ports of call are many and obscure - often places too small for a larger ship to dock or a dragon to land. At one of these ports, Roughscale Rock Hold, he charmed a woman named Katya into bed. Only after he'd gone and sailed off again did she discover he'd given her more than pretty trinkets and ribbons.
She had a son and named him Takapola. His father, when he eventually came by again, acknowledged as how the boy might well be his but disclaimed all other responsibility. So, Tak grew up a bastard on that small island, sniffed at disparagingly by the holders and clambering over the cliffs to gather sea mosses and fish the tidepools.
When he was fifteen, Pohl came by again, and Katya finally managed to persuade him to do something about his boy. Takapola became a 'pprentice Seacrafter and signed onto the Skywave as a cabin boy - just until they got to a large enough port for him to begin his studies in earnest and make something of himself like his mother wanted, but the Skywave and her captain had wandering hearts, and it was more than two turns of island-hopping before they finally weighed anchor at Western Weyr and Takapola disembarked to start his new life.


Name Relation Location Position
Pohl Father Aboard the Skywave Seacraft Journeyman
Katya Mother Roughscale Rock Hold Holder



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