Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Black Moon Bay Cothold
Occupation Dolphineer and Pearldiver Turned Goldrider
Hair brown with red-gold streaks
Eyes Sea-Green
Dragon A link e!
Playlist Spotify


She moves with an easy grace, long limbed with a swimmer’s lean muscle and a woman’s gentle curves. Her eyes are a striking sea-green very like the tropical lagoons of her homeland. Her complexion is Rukbat kissed, a pale bronze that exists perpetually year-round, marked by a pale splatter of freckles over the bridge of nose and high cheekbones further accentuated by the larger two at the lower corner of her left eye. Dark brown hair streaked with red and gold ever artfully disheveled. Her mouth is wide and expressive, often tilted to one side in a playful smirk.


Words like "pirate" earn an odd expression from Tanit, despite the fact that her great-great-grandfather and his brother were the ones who made the phrase stick (supposedly). Salzar and his brother Morrell got themselves kicked out of their crafts and supposedly marooned on a lesser island for their … questionable practices.

The story went that they built a boat, rowed themselves to a proper hold where they won the right to build a cothold (and supposedly their wives) in a game of chance. They used what they knew of their former crafts to make a living fishing and diving for pearls and other treasures. Or, at least that was the story her grandfather often told. He also claimed that it was because of his great grandfather's tendency to take in those of disrepute that their island was named Black Moon Bay, and not for the volcanic black sand beach on the windward side of the island.

Such were the tall tales that Tanit grew up with, surrounded by dozens of cousins in the small cothold that looked to Little Sandy Hold for protection. A place of the sea, of stories, of obscenely large families, and of life. Unique in her lot as an only child, Tanit had never really journeyed outside of the reef that ringed the island and spent her time learning to dive for the treasures that littered the ocean floor with her parents. Like most of the kids who grew up on that island, Tanit was given the opportunity to travel once she came of age, a tradition that was necessary and often resulted in people returning with families of their own, or established within their own craft or weyr. With her cousin T'san's letter in hand, Tanit decided it was time to embark on her own adventure.

She proceeded to join the Dolphin Craft, as a dive specialist, and aside from a year’s sabbatical to help establish her senior apprentice project, has enjoyed life in Half Moon ever since.


Name Relation Location Position
Tamar Father Black Moon Bay Pearl Diver
Itani Mother Black Moon Bay Pearl Diver
T'sen Cousin Half Moon Bay Weyr Greenrider to Sarendaeth
Veylin son (-19) Black Moon Bay Fostered (Secret)
Vesta daughter (-19) Black Moon Bay Fostered (Secret)



Huntress of Light Gold Chauth
The gleam of gold and shine of silver mingle to make a glow of white gold that creates the form of this dragon. She holds herself with pride, replete with those secrets unknown to smiths who - though they may create the metallurgical equivalent of her hide - would surely fail to achieve that aura of mystery and wisdom that surrounds her like the wings whose large sweeps are endowed with grace and power. Their hue fades with their extent, the sun's warmth along her body slowly attenuated by the wispy white of gathering clouds. High cheeks and a slender muzzle give a sense of refinement and elegance to her features, a fitting setting for her knowing eyes. Those sparkling facets come with a reminder of darkness, for without it light would not have meaning. Black kohl surrounds them, the markings ragged along their bottom edges as if softened by tears of love and loss that help make her who she is. There is darkness, yet she is a creature of light. The knobs that sweep back from her noble brow are pure white, paler even than the diffuse sunlight of her hide.Her neck sweeps down in a graceful arch that recurves over her back, up from the nadir of her slender shoulders to rise once more along the crouch of hips. The soft brush of a darker shade dapples faded stripes along her upper legs, ripples of coppery patterning whose contours shift with her graceful motion. That same tawny hue adorns the tip of a tail that's shorter than many, for this queen has no desire for her train to trail on the ground in her wake.


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