Gender boyyyyyyy
Current Home halfmoon(ish)
Place of Birth halfmoon
Occupation trader? musician. reply hazy.
Hair dark brown
Eyes dark brown

at a glance, tavian is a tall young man, reasonably attractive. he is baby-faced, brown of skin and hair and eye, and frequently possessed of an air of gloriously unburdened amiable distraction.


he's weyrbred and he's adorable and he, much like two younger sisters (olivia and valeria) is the product of two happily weyrmated parents. a gifted musician, by his late teens he'd earned himself an audition to study under a master musician who was *very* particular about potential pupils (especially, it should be noted, their punctuality.) so, 'course, tavi here? earned himself that coveted audition, then slept through it; his mother despaired but his father said have patience.

instead, tavian wandered off and hooked himself up with a trader caravan having a jam session within earshot of home, and that was that. (he eventually told his parents some days later, once the caravan had moved on. he's not exactly the most … observant kid, at times. at most times.)

few turns later, found his way back to the weyr as a part of the band, playing at the clutching feast; woke up the next morning with a raging hangover and a white knot on his shoulder.


didn't impress, but rather than ramblin' on post-hatching, stuck around. (honestly, it's more by accident than design. most. most things are.)


common knowledge: well-meaning doofus who wandered off a couple of years ago; wandered home cause he got searched. got searched because he can play some rockin' guitar. good, because it's about all he has to offer.

did not impress. a dragon, or anyone else, really.

his guitar is blue.

he almost never goes by octavian.

slightly less common knowledge (barely): good enough musician that he got an audition to study under a very choosy master musician at just shy of seventeen. wandered off with a trader caravan instead. oops?


Name Relation Age (Calibration) Location Position
combine her elided name mother t + 19 halfmoon rider
with his to get: octavian, father t + 22 halfmoon rider
valeria, and sister t - 7 halfmoon townie
olivia sister t - 10 halfmoon tween




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