Th'ero (Kelthero)
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Taller then most young men his age, he has broad, tapered shoulders and an athletic build to him from his line of work. At first glance, he may also appear to be a few Turns older then he truly is, with narrow dark brown eyes, aquiline nose and thin-lipped mouth, he often comes off as reserved or cold, when both could be farthest from the truth. His hair is left to grow out, a mess of black curly waves roughly shoulder length and a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee to frame his oblong shaped face, another method of his to increase the illusion of age. His skin is slightly tanned and his long fingered hands are callused.

He wears a common uniform of a short-sleeved tunic dyed a dark grey or neutral shade, the neck square shaped and laced together. His trousers are also made of a heavy, durable material and also dyed a dark grey, almost black, hue. Around his waist, he wears a plain black belt. On his feet, he wears a pair of well-worn, thick leather boots. Pinned to one shoulder is his knot in Western Weyr's colors, showing his position as Wingrider, with a light bronze ribbon threaded through it to signify his lifemate and the pin itself engraved with the insignia for the Archipelago Wing.


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Often viewed as aloof and withdrawn, Kelthero is a good, if not kindhearted individual. That is, once you get past his many masks and layers. His early upbringing and family life has given him a rather opinionated view on life and his rules on logic don’t necessarily mesh with others. This “hide-bound” outlook has led to some heated arguments that in younger years lead to quite a few skirmishes as a result. Also, due to his frustrations in his teenage years and the growing tension between him and his father, Kelthero began to lash out verbally, picking up a rather snarky, blunt and opinionated attitude, as he never learned any other way to cope. As he matured, he’s learned to curb his opinions back less he offend everyone he meets although he can still be arrogant at times and a little naïve in others.

And while he may not outwardly show it, he is smarter then his behavior lets on. Curious to the point of almost prying, he’s also a perfectionist and if set to task, will follow it through to the best his abilities. Since being posted to Western Weyr, he's really begun to come out of his shell a little, becoming more of a friendly, approachable person and with a teasing streak to him. He's still finding it hard to grasp some new and strange concepts, but it doesn't upset him as much as it did in the past. There are times when his other side still shows through though, generally starting with him being a grumpy mood to start and his tone being rather sharp or blunt, though usually he can catch himself in time before he says anything particularly damaging.

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Name Age Relation Location Position Adoptable
Ilentho 42 Turns (+21 Turns) Father (deceased) Cothold (Torince Hold) Fisherman No
Kenali 40 Turns (+19 Turns) Mother Cothold (Torince Hold) common woman No
Ilenki 22 Turns (+1 Turn) Brother Torince Hold Fisherman Yes
Kaliena 14 Turns (-7 Turns) Sister (younger) Cothold (Torince Hold) common woman Yes

Friends and other Relationships


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Jon Snow/Kit Harington - (c) HBO

These vignettes are written by Kelthero's player whenever the chance arises and are purely meant to be a form of personal character growth and not necessarily the outlook player's opinions. A lot of this information would not be personal knowledge to most residents of Western Weyr. A lot of these vignettes are from the past, meant to shed more light on Kelthero's background and his reaction to certain events that changed the course of his life or aspects of his personality.
That said, feel free to read through them! They are here for everyone to enjoy. More will be added as time goes on and Kelthero continues to grow. If you actually want to see something in particular, I'm not against suggestions! Just drop me an @mail on game and I'll see what I can do. I'll also note that NPC characters are primarily used in these vignettes if any contain character interaction. The rest are all from Kelthero's POV.


Achingly tired this green seems to drag from one movement to the next. It is as if she's at the end of a double shift with two bachelor parties and she's just done worn out. Of appearance her hide is a pleasant meadow green, dappled with leafy shadows along her back and mossy patches on arms and legs. Bits of golden pollen dust her head and ridges in an overall pleasant to look at type. Not one of overwhelming beauty, but of a simple pleasant fashion. Her build is a bit stockier for a green, the hint of stamina present sacrificing only a bit of the normal agility. It seems she needs both in her labor but for now there flops a cranky tired waitress who has more than earned her tips. You might offer a tidbit to help tide her over.

Curiously elongated, he looks more like a tunnelsnake than a firelizard, his wings are stubby little things likely barely enough to keep him aloft. Possessed of incredibly soft hide for a firelizard, he has a rounded snout, beady little eyes and almost nearly invisible headknobs. His coloration is quite unremarkable, or perhaps it's remarkable for the fact that is merely muddy-brown, a silty sort of hue that would enable him to lie camouflaged at the bottom of some shallow muddy little stream. Short of limb, but long in neck and tail, he's sinuous and lithe, beautiful and ugly all at once — and utterly fascinating to behold. There's an aura about him, an almost crackling sensation that sizzles in the air above his skin — and if one looked hard enough, they could almost swear to see sparks shooting off his skin. But he really isn't charged up, is he?


Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Velokraeth

Bleached bronze, faded to a shade of pure spun gold in some places, covers this dragon's lumpy body like a piece of exquisite silk wrapped around a gnarled stump - not even the pale beauty of his hide can mask the fact that he's just plain ugly. Thickly ridged brows of a light flaxen hue slash diagonally across his blunted muzzle, one side dipping lower than the other to make his gaze seem oddly mismatched. Even his whirling eyes add to the lopsided effect, as one is always several shades darker and appears slightly sunken into its socket. Stubby headknobs sprout crookedly from his oversized head and his nose is squashed in, the nostrils wide-set and prominent. A curly thatch of wheaten bronze and soft copper covers his crown and spills back over his craggy ridges like a wild mane, flowing all the way down to the end of his stumpy tail and pooling into a splotch of gold at its spaded tip. Color leeches out of his stunted limbs and leaves them a washed-out bronze that pales to near white along his paws. His rear end is wide, boxy and prone to being wiggled as he moves along with his awkward, waddling gait. Only his wings have escaped without flaw, as the thin membranes fall from his shoulders like twin banners of red-gold, copper and bronze.

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