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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Igen Hold
Occupation Beach Bum
Hair Dark blonde
Eyes Hazel

This woman’s dominating feature seems to be her hair, up or down it just overtakes the rest of her in a long mass of coarse dark blonde chaos. At the moment it’s been manageably tamed into a mass of braids, thick, thin it doesn’t matter as long as it keeps it out of her way. Her face is all bushy eyebrows, hazel eyes and a rather small snub of a nose. She’s on the short side of average in height, a bit more muscular than some in a trim sort of way. From her skin tone she looks to spend a lot of time outdoors, a warm tanned tone that’s even reflected in the lighter blonde highlights threaded throughout her hair.

Minimalist seems to be the name of the game when it comes to her outfit. A loose fitting pair of pants that are cinched in at the waist and the ankles, they’ve been dyed a dark brown. Her top is merely a twist of green fabric around her chest with a pair of slim straps to hold it up. There are shoes, sandals more specifically, they are not generally on her feet however. Generally they’re thrown over a shoulder or kicked off in some random place.


Theodocia was born and raised at Igen Hold. Her parents were just your average set of people, both working within the Hold at various tasks. She had a number of siblings and all in all a rather normal beginning to life. As she grew older her attention was never held for more than a few moments of a Turn by anything in particular. She tried painting, she tried gazing at stars, there was a disastrous attempt at learning to bake. Docia was a rather spectacular person, for failing. Her parents insisted that she hadn’t truly found her calling yet, her siblings, both older and younger just teased her mercilessly. It didn’t bother Docia much, after all she had all the time and even working small odd jobs around the Hold gave her enough spare marks to have a few nice things.

Big families were something that Docia adored, especially when hers included all of the siblings on a trip to Half Moon Bay Weyr, or rather the beaches around it. That was when she found her niche, she was absolutely sure that was where she should be. So much so that when her family went home, she did not. She’s been at Half Moon for nearly a Turn now, staying in no particular place, often sleeping on the beaches. Weirdly surfing does seem to be something she is really good at, unfortunately it does not seem to be something to make a career out of.


Name Relation Location Position
Ashburn Father Igen Hold Resident
Theodocia Mother Igen Hold Resident


Blue Riptide

Broad and muscular is what best describes this firelizards form: a wide muzzle connected to a thick neck, well built body and long tail. Faceted eyes are set in deep under large eye ridges and outlined in the brightest china blue over a softer, powdered shade which trek down to his chin and neck in tiny wisps and fading into a soft haze across his undersides. Large talons are covered in the same tones as they blend into the light upwards and vanishing under mottled wing sails. Indigo mottling covers powder in dark patches as if his very hide is a tapestry of the skies in which he makes his home. The only thing that one could consider average of this firelizard's image is the well proportioned wings to his exaggerated frame.


Title OOC Date Cast
Surf and Furf? April 13, 2018 Valeska, Theodocia, Ashwini
Not A Beach Party April 16, 2018 Ashwini, Baylee, Leeta, Nassir, R'sner, Theodocia
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