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Long, wavy sunkissed auburn tresses fall like a waterfall in a side-parted cascade over and below her shoulders, the depths of which is broken only by glimpses of porcelain pale skin underneath bangs that dust her forehead just above the eyebrows. Startling hazel eyes look upon the world with amusement, as she has a way of often finding something to laugh about. Full, pouting red lips lie beneath a nose that just somehow fits her face, not too large and not too small, but bearing a small scar from some untold escapade on the left side. She stands well over five feet, closer to six if truth be told. Her well-toned body appears to be on the brink of womanhood, with the height of a full grown lady, but missing are the curves which will eventually grace her frame.

She's dressed for the island's weather, adorned in a simple yet flattering minty green sleeveless dress made out of a breathable fabric which reaches down to just above her knees. The dress is paired with a comfortable looking pair of brown leather sandals which protect her feet from the harshness of sand and sun.

A simple knot is pinned to her clothing, revealing her to be from Western Weyr. Additional strands are intertwined with the blue, purple, and black, indicating that she is not only a member of the Computer Craft, but a candidate as well.


Tineska's story begins like many other Pernese children. Born the product of a gold mating flight, her father E'sk was one of the many losers that day, and the next morning, he awoke to find himself in the arms of Tinaya, a lovely young journeyman Dolphineer. Having not much in common besides careers in Search and Rescue, nor any interest in anything longterm, they quickly went their separate ways, even when it became apparent a child was to be had of that fateful night. Tineska was brought into the world two months early at Paradise River Hold, where her mother happened to be visiting relatives. They stayed there only briefly, and her mother returned to the Hall. This is where Tineska spent the first few years of her life, though apparently never managing to learn to swim.
By the time she was 9, Tineska had lived in many places along the coasts of Pern, in the north as well as the south. Her life had been more or less a happy and carefree one, though it seemed not many understood the young girl's unique sense of humor. Still, she never grew to know much in the way of tragedy, especially with a mother who saw fit to keep her daughter a bit too sheltered. Some short visits to Landing with the local Harper exposed Tineska to something she would quickly fall in love with: Computers. Her mother was not such a fan of the strange machines, but didn't suspect much until her daughter requested to be apprenticed in the craft. After some finagling on the youngster's part, she was successful and began to study. At the age of 13, her mother was transferred again, this time to the west, the pair settling into Western Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Tinaya Overbearing Mother Western Weyr Journeyman Dolphineer
E'sk Father Western Weyr Bronzerider with Cay Wing
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Battered Bar Brown Circuit, 54 cm.
Distinct wood grain stands out in dark contrast to a lighter pulp upon the lanky and long form of this brown firelizard. A narrowed head tapers to a rather distinctive point, echoed on his far side by the pointed tip of his tail. The grain runs lengthwise along his form, helping to give him an even greater impression of stretched out length than his albeit long form truly is. The grain is dark brown, sometimes near black while the wood between a more lighter amber. In random spots there seems to be watery stains some of which are a bleached brown and others a more brown-gray. Like an ancient bar stretched out to enjoy the company of many he is a social creature in tune with those around him. He's quite willing to lend an ear even a shoulder if needed in a companion which just can't be beat. Oh the tales his hide could tell, well, if it could talk. Instead there is the sympathetic whirl of his expressive eyes which have to say all that is going to be said.

Sleek Arabian Green Layali, 41 cm.

Sleek, sexy and built for endurance is this green firelizard. If not for her coloration, one might mistake her for a metallic lady when her hide of deep emerald shimmers and gleams in available light. There is not a spare ounce of flesh to be found on her slim form corded with muscle, nor any color variation minus her charcoal talons, a slightly darker muzzle and the contrast of glittering lime that makes up the membranes of her wings.


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