Bronzerider To'by


A young man is what you see, one who looks to be in his teen years. His golden blonde hair has reddish streaks throughout and falls to just below his shoulder in soft waves, most times it is pulled back into a club to keep it out of his face. Hazel eyes twinkle as they look out from a face tanned by the tropical sun. Broad forehead, aquiline nose, full lips and high cheekbones mark the face of this young man. In near constant attendance are Ice, Dirt and Lionheart, his firelizards….

He is dressed in a white tunic, a blue vest and a pair of black pants, on his feet are black boots. A Rider's Knot rests on his left shoulder in the colors of Western Weyr, interwoven with this is a thread of dark bronze.


A few years back the early morning air resounded with the buglings of one green dragon, she was soon joined by the others around as she announced that her rider, Dyanara, had just had 2 hatchlings. A girl, Laria, and a boy, Toburk. Toburk is named for his father's friend T'burk. A rough and tumble type, he and Dirt get into plenty of trouble and they are joined by Buddy, Lionheart and Ice; despite this he is a good natured child and does not like to see anyone or anything hurt. He is protective of his sisters and his mother.


Name Relation Location Position
Dyanara Mother Western Weyr Rider of Green Gwydionth
K'ron Father Western Weyr Rider of Bronze Roth
Laria Sister Ista Weyr Rider of Blue Savoireth
Tynara Sister Journeyman Beastcrafter
Ty Brother Fort Weyr Rider of Bronze Zinth
Ka'an Brother Fort Weyr Rider of Green Luchth
Toraya Sister Western Weyr Resident


Brown Dirt
A rich brown firelizard is standing here before you. His skin resembles the thick sodden ground in the deep woods. It's almost a black it's so dark, but in the right lighting, one can see the swirls of different shades of dark and creamy sienna upon his hide. His little jeweled eyes glance up at you curiously. Strong muscles of swirling klah layer themselves upon his lean frame, and his wings look like strong taunt bronze wires emerging from the soft hide. However, his lowset eyeridges make him appear to always be scowling, and one hind leg is of the deepest night blue, so dark, one thinks it could even be black.

Blue Buddy

Blue Lionheart
True blue, the saying goes, and true cerulean sky is this young fellow. A blue so clear and bright, it needs no accessories. But he's got them anyways. His build is proportioned finely, if on the small size. Lean and lithe, he has slim, refined lines and a tiny, elligant head. That wedge is graced by two very unusual marks. A coppery bronze bolt of lightning cuts it's way right down the center of his head from his headknobs to just above his eyes. Around each of those greenly whirling orbs is a ring of saffron, joined across the bridge of his nose with a bar like a pair of specticles for him to view the world. A fine dusting of brown sprinkles his hide, causing him to always appear somewhat messy. But with his mild temperment, such minor flaws are easily forgiven.

Green Tisiphone
Looming, silent, deadly, this big green lizard moves deliberately, always seemlingly stalking something far in the distance. Her hide is a mass of almost pure white. In every muscle's crevice, green-touched blue resides in crystaline beauty glittering and twinkling at the light above. Across belly and under wingsail, color becomes deeper, more defined, a swirling icey brine moving the iceburg along her way. Her opaline claws extend and contract inpatiently as she sizes up any situation in front of her. She is size and bulk, though, more muscle then lithe beauty, promising a long hard flight.



Nimir Raj Bronze Nebryth
He slinks across the ground on silent feet, sending lean muscles playing beneath a dark hide. He is slender and delicate in build, narrow across the chest and thru his pelvic girdle right down to four slim but long limbs. The flanks are tight and firm, rippling hide where muscles roll. What he might lack for in bulk is more then compensated for by strength and power. Starting at the long, angled head, his hide stretches back in near monotone darkness from a serpentine neck right thru to the ratty tail. He is a bronze so ancient it seems nearly black over every inch. What little metallic luster is present can be found only along the bony edge of his wingspars. Littered evenly across the velvet hide are curious patches of texture. At a distance they meld into the darkness, but close inspection shows them to be rosettes of bronze ever so slightly more copper in tone. As his sails spread, it becomes apparent that even those gauzy membranes are spotted.

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