Weyrling Tora


Chestnut brown hair tumbles over Toraya's shoulders in waves down mid-length of her back. She can be easily described as slender and a bit tall for her age as she weighs about 115lbs and is about 5ft 4in just over average. Her deep brown eyes can sometimes be hidden by a piece of her hair that has drifted down over her face at times. Her skin has been kissed lightly by the sun resulting in a soft bronze tan. Overall the young woman is proportionate and can be considered quite pretty for her age.


Toraya was a rather happy addition to Western Weyr's Weyrhealers, T'burk and Dyanara. The couple had tried for many years with no success and in their late 50's, Toraya was born and the warbles of Vinteth and Gwydionth could be heard throughout the Weyr. Being the only child that T'burk and Dyanara would be able to have due to Dy getting older and all, Toraya would become the cherished last child and only child they'd have together. She also became the very cherished little sister to the vast family and older siblings that T'burk and Dyanara both shared. Toraya was a pretty happy-go-lucky little girl growing up and at times quite spoiled by her abundance of older siblings and relatives. The young girl became well known around the weyr as her parents are well-known as one of the oldest weyrmated couples at the Weyr as well as their work as Weyrhealers and their work with the Harpercraft as well. Just short of her 12th turn, she and her parents had sat down to discuss the path to her future and it was decided by her parents that Harpercraft would be the best craft suited for her as she seemed to have a natural talent for singing so she was accepted into the Harpercraft to follow in her parents' footsteps. In order for her to remain under the guidance of her mother who had vocal training and had taught vocals, Tora stayed at Western Weyr versus heading to the Hall.


Name Relation Location Position
Dyanara Mother Western Weyr Weyrhealer Asst.
T'burk Father Western Weyr Weyrhealer


Blue Bleu
Calm, cool, and collected seems to be the theme of this little firelizard. His hide consists of very light blues, one shade washing over the other like the waves of an ocean. Soft cornflower and baby blues follow along his wings and stretch to his tail. He might very well be able to blend in with the water itself if he stayed still enough.

Bleu is banded in the multiple colors; sea-green, purple and black, harper blue and white of his owner, Toraya's home, Western Weyr where Toraya is presently a Harper Apprentice.

Green Caterina
This imperial green hatchling is every bit the commanding leader. Her overlong moss and pine green wings fold around her in majestic regalia. Pale jade mixes with alabaster to pattern her hide with as ornate a brocade as a Fortian Lady holder. Her form is graceful and every motion of her velvet emerald body is both powerful and well and studied. Her face curls in a slanted and severe countenance. Across her chest, shimmering metallic yellow green form bars and crosses into ornate medallions over her chest.

Caterina is banded in the multiple colors; sea-green, purple and black, harper blue and white of her owner, Toraya's home, Western Weyr where Toraya is presently a Harper Apprentice.


Stardust In Her Wake Green Messalith
Compact and petite, this girl's frame is slender and athletic, bathed in limelight that glows evenly over her body from beneath the pale phosphorescent aqua. Here and there vivid smudges of deep teal lay in the creases of her body, accenting the shadows and giving her a luminescent appearance. It is like she glows from some inner source, no sense of frosted opaque in even the palest expanses of her hide. The crisscrossing pigments of lime and a sea foam aqua make her almost iridescent. This incandescence spreads over a high set but slender neck, held proudly and brightly on her square shoulders. Her wings are large for her body, but avoid the appearance of awkwardness. Instead they appear to fit like a slim fitted coat of turquoise-hued peridot along her sides when closed, and a billowing near-transluscent cloak when open. Her tail is slightly on the shorter side, but well proportioned to her neck so the difference is unnoticeable. Her face is elegant, bearing the teal shadowing around her tapered muzzle and just below her eyes to show off her prominent bone structure. Head knobs are swept back, though also prominent, and her ridges are a gradient of her glowing tones, dotting down her spine like blunted thorns on a stem.


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