A body sculpted by labor from an early age, the defined frame of the man is roughly 180lbs and just shy of 6 foot tall. Where the labor has provided benefits, it has not gone to the point of making the man displeasing to the eyes. The strength of his body is sufficient for the duties he has come accustomed to, without the added bulk to make him clumsy. The years in the sun have provided a permanent tint to his skin, the tan protecting him from the harsher days in the bright sun of the Weyr and outside holds. Firm defined eyebrows assist in providing a warm expression from steel grey eyes below them.
Having forgone fashion for that of comfort, Torian currently wears a warm blue shirt that has been woven out of a very tight knit. The bulk of the shirt covers him just enough to contrast to his well-defined form underneath. Clean pants cover his lower half, and are properly held by a belt of new weyr-leather. The telltale boots that he has had for years, worn just enough to be comfortable protect his feet.


Torian has had a simple life, well as simple as you can as a weyrbread boy. His father a blue rider and his mother one of the servant girls always had high hopes for him. His childhood was nothing out of the ordinary, the pressure of living in the weyr the most challenging of these tasks. The occasional boyish dispute kept him always in the light of discipline, which also marked his body. The cuts, bumps bruises often would leave his skin with a bit of a reminder as to the disagreement of the week. Be it that he took credit for the tunnel snake head, or defending his mother, or even defending his father. At the age of 11 turns, he found that hanging around the stables avoided many of the problems of the lower caves and he soon grew in affection to the animals. Be it the werybeasts, sheep, or even the dragons who fed on his charges. His work, where initially hard on him, grew to be his current like, even though his secret desire was to follow his father.s footsteps and impress himself. He kept this hidden, mostly from his mother who did not want that life for him. So until which time he can change his given course of life, he maintains his presence with the stables, tending to the food source so crucial to the dragons of the weyr.


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Fast And Furious Brown Locheth
Like the hull of a ship that's weathered it's fair share of storms, this sleek brown seems built to weather the storm of whatever might come his way. Long and sleek, this dragon's curves and edges seem built for speed, from the tip of his thin, streamlined snout to the marching line of mahogany-hued ridges down his neck and back. Light but compact, his frame is is covered in deep browns, of slightly greying hues that swirl over his body, with mahgony streaks that spread upward from his dark-taloned feet. Over his shoulder there's a marking that almost looks like the knot of a tree. The mahogany color continues down to the tip of his tail, while in contrast, it slowly fades to a grayer brown as it goes across his broad wingsails.

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