Greenrider Uta


Bland brown eyes, round shaped that fit into the figure of her round face. Her body fits an average appearance, built for traveling and for working. Her hips are curved, plump and visible. Despite the fact that her hips are plump, her upper area doesn't even seem to have formed. It's as if she's hiding the fact that she's a woman. Continuing, her brown hair his chopped short to her head, making it rather of a "guy" like style. Now, Utaria stands at 5'8". Her clothing resembles the men's styles, nothing to outline her figure but rather make her less likely to stand out. On her hip, there is always a pouch that is filled with tools and the such. She wears a badge of her wing and the knot of a rider at Western Weyr.


Born to Traders, and staying with Traders. She was the first daughter to the family, and, the only daughter. She was the first of many, many brothers. She never was a girly-girl herself and always was "one of the guys". Once she became old enough to take care of herself, about the age of ten Turns she picked up Farmcraft and Woodcraft. She focused mainly on Farmcraft and how to grow anything almost anywhere. Woodcrafting was simply a hobby. She also learned a bit of Beastcrafting with the beasts used to travel. Once she reached the age of fourteen Turns, she hid her feminity as much she could from everyone but they always seemed to know somehow. She eventually grew onto adulthood and began her travels alone. Utaria has spends her life traveling Pern as she pleases, spreading her trade secrets about.


Name Relation Location Position
D'ana Weyrmate Western position
Daria Daughter Western position
Rianan Son Western position


Gold Alura
A dark apricot gold glows across the smooth hide of this young firelizard. Perky and curious her head holds high, the small finely shaped muzzle tapering beyond the windworn smooth ripple of eyeridges. Faceted eyes whirl brightly, tongue tasting the air as head swivels upon a long slender neck which ebbs into a more stocky body. It's not fat but muscle that fills out the sturdy frame and from which her thick and long tails seems to endlessly sprout. Wings too look strong and fashionable, the sails drawn tight between each of the wingbones. Her hides hue is hardly unbroken. No indeed if her build doesn't catch ones fancy the patterning which has worn into her hide is sure to make one take pause. Golden she is, but not in the blatant glitz of some, her's is a more matured wisdom that settles over her apricot gold body in gentle highlighting lines of chestnut and umber. Strokes in long horizontal lines which follow the curve of her figure, accenting in all the right places while drawing ones attention away from the few flaws which every figure bears. She seems drawn from the heartwood of an apricot in all its majesty and might, giving new life from the harvest of death which time brings to all great trees.

Bronze Handion
Deepy burnished, almost a bronzed chocolate, runs over the form of this stocky bronze Hatchling. Cocky is the most obvious adjective for this self-assured little boy, and he struts with an ease that is odd for a such a young Hatchling. He is nicely proportioned, with little variation to his dark coloring, and moves with an ease that would come of long practice, if not for his youth. Still, every now and again he'll trip over himself, belying his youth at the most awkward of times.

Green Rose
A soft green like the new sprigs of spring growth covers the majority of this green's hide, brushing lightly along her sleek belly, tickling her dainty muzzle, and even bumping against her wingspars. Slightly darker green, fed by the sun, gathers along the ridges on her back which run from between her tiny headknobs to her tail, a color that's caught amongst each of her wingsails too, while the darkest hues belong to the rich brown soil of her talons.


Green Marjiath

The rich colors of a neatly cut emerald have been gathered upon her sleek hide, her glowing hue chiseled from the stone itself. The vibrant colors of a precious gemstone are reflected along her long, delicate snout, dancing over her eye ridges and head knobs, and sparkling as they slip seamlessly along her serpentine neck and body. Polished jade shines along her underside, set neatly amongst the rarer stone from beneath her chin, to between her limbs, extending to the end of her limber tail, stretching outwards from the centerline of her form, pulling attention to the center of the stage that is her body. Paler wing sails are tinted golden, as faceted gems reflect stage lights from between each emerald spar, width wide but graceful at their fullest extent. Each perfectly shaped ridge along her sleek back is patterned malachite, a darker stripe countering the jade of her belly, while each talon at the end of her long legs is a smooth, undisrupted black opal, contrasting with her lighter hide.

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