Brownrider V'ine


Not the sort who'd ever stand out in a crowd. Maybe six foot even, on the slim side but with solid shoulders, light brown hair cropped close. His face is angular, chin narrow, the fair skin clear of the usual adolescent splotches. Although habitually clean-shaven, by late in the day there's a visible shadow along his jawline.

He is wearing a brown shirt under a simple wherhide jacket with many pockets for him to keep book's and other odd's and end's. His pants are black workpants well worn from turns of work. Around his neck he has a seashell necklace.


He was raised in Half Moon Bay Hold. He grew up always watching the waves it helpped him think. When he was 16 he wanted to leave home. He tryed to think of place to go then it hit him. Go to the weyr he loved watching the people surf and when he saw dragon's flying it looked like the dragon was surfing on there great wing's through the sky.


Name Relation Location Position


Blue Aqualis
Long, almost curved headknobs give this firelizard a bit of a demonic look. His small nose seems slightly twisted into a sneer, head always cocked slightly to the right. The palest of blues makes up his hide, splotching with a bit of reflective near-white upon his shoulders that tends to lend the illusion of silvry metal. Hints of marigold play upon his headknobs and down onto his ridges. Steel-blue darkens his tiny paws and clings to the end of his whip-like tail. His wings are thin, spindly, and seeming almost too small for flight. From between the darker colors of his wingspars, a froth of electric white and blue flow across the webbing as if some magical power were let loose across them.


Defender of the Faith Brown Rauxith
The most distinguishing physical feature of this compact brown dragon is his headknobs. They're larger than average. They're dipped in an almost-chocolate brown that continues to drip playfully onto his face. His muzzle is a lighter, sandy color but that shade isn't visible anywhere else on him. Instead, the mobile, poised, and sinuous muscles of his neck and shoulders are graced with a hue closer to a warm cinnamon, although there's a shadowing of deep mahogany that arrives when he stands in shadow. This darker color continues down, covering his neckridges and back then wrapping underneath to his belly as well. His tail and wings are much lighter, a frothy rich klah brown that call attention to the glossy perfection of his flight muscles and the sturdiness of his sails. Smaller than some of the other browns he may be, but the way he carries himself makes it clear that in his own mind, he is a giant. There is confidence and grace in every step, a sense of destiny in his direct and self-assured bearing, an unhurried chivalry in his observant gaze.

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