Dark hair spikes shortly from this young man's head, black locks easily maintained in their length. Thin brows rest over faintly almond-shaped eyes, set in a dark olive tone. His nose slants in a slim angle downward, nestled in an almost sharp point above his lips. Scars are not uncommon on his darkly shaded skin, a pale line etched above his right brow, and another nicked into the left side of his jaw. A small amount of stubble lines the edge of his jaw, giving him a faintly scruffy look about him. Suitably muscled, his limbs carry the tone of one who works for a living, carrying his frame to a height of six feet.

A plain brown tunic is worn with a leather vest over top, threaded into place and held secure with a thick belt around his waist. Pants are made durable, with the lining of the inner thigh made out of a rougher material, likely made in preparation for riding. Thick leather bands are wrapped around his forearms as well, with multiple nicks in the hide that buckles neatly into place through fastenings at the wrist and elbow. His boots are scuffed, somewhat damaged in places..one even looks like it's been chewed on at some point. A knot bearing Western Weyr's colors rests on his shoulder, as well as an extra band of color marking him a rider.


Growing up around the smaller cotholds that border Telgar, Velrich grew up used to harsh winters near the barrier mountains. The land was tough, and one had to learn to match it in order to survive. Leaving to join crafts was out of the question for his own brothers and sisters. All hands were needed to help take care of things around the small cothold, and make sure there was plenty to eat. And so the boy grew to help take care of these needs of his family, learning how to hunt from his father and how to provide food for the others. It wasn't until he was thirteen that he finally had to strike out on his own. Fire had ravaged the small cothold. While some didn't make it, most of his family turned toward staying at one of the larger holds nearby. He managed to stay with his family for a few more months before he finally fled the larger establishment, with no intention of returning.

He traveled for a while, spending a few turns making his way across the northern continent, visiting different places. He mostly kept to himself, however, staying on the road and occasionally traveling with a few trader caravans. Eventually, he came across a small settlement near the ocean. It had no name, and the people there were mainly those who had been turned out of other holds. With nowhere else to call home, he chose to stay there for a while, helping to bring in food to make himself useful. It didn't last long. It never did. Soon he was on the road again, keeping mostly to himself.

Much to his surprise, stopping to trade with a caravan one day would end up changing his life forever. A passing dragonrider picked him up for Western Weyr's search. Weyr life took getting used to, and the usually solitary man began to form friendships with those he was surrounded by, eventually also Impressing to Loxiath when the eggs finally hatched. A man who lived his life travelling, he has now rooted himself to Western, enjoying his newfound home.


Buttermilk is the primary color in play across this little bronze firelizard's hide. Soft creams, warmed butter, and toasty marshmallow splatter across the available space. While his base color is soft, near white, yellow floats around, slipping across his slender sides and down a pudgy belly. A golden bronze slips in great slashes across his back, zigzagging down his neck and sides, covering any other color that lays beneath before tapering off towards his tail in small browned blotches. Orange slaps itself across his face like a handprint, covering his eyes, eyeridges and pinchable pudgy cheeks. His neckridgs are sharp in appearance, pointy, narrow, and close together, clad in yellow, bronze, and gold. A solitary streak of white works its way about half way down his body and dives all the way down his stubby tail.


Polished copper fire slicks along arrow-straight spine, pouring over ribs and haunches in a rush of amber that gradually deepens to umber as it caresses broad chest and lean belly. Taupe drips, gently pooling along his underside, where darkening flames are eventually consumed by roiling clouds the color of ebony. Atop sinuous, fire-streaked neck, his wedge-shaped head is graced with a long, aristocratic muzzle, its high-set eye ridges canted upwards, giving him a seeming of perpetual, sardonic amusement. Ridges march with mathematical precision from the crown of his head to the base of his lengthy, limber tail, the rich gilt hue constantly glittering as though lit from within, nearly argent in its brilliance. From between broad shoulder blades erupts a startlingly glorious spread, sunlit spars weaving triumphantly through the wide sweep of his wings, catching between them translucent sails of a pale white-gold, blazing incandescently. With his lithe limbs, long, supple tail, and slender frame, this lean brown lacks the bulk of many of his brethren, but more than makes up for it in arrogant poise and supple grace.


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