Two ice blue orbs claim V'yet's bronzed face as their own, peering out at the world under a pair of bushy dark brown eyebrows. The dark brown, almost black mop of hair upon his head is disheveled, going everywhere, falling into his eyes and generally looks as if the man could use a haircut. But that's the way he likes it, perhaps better to hide the crinkle to his eyes when he laughs, or hide the wrinkles that are already starting to form across his brow. Either way V'yet does not appear old, standing at six foot two and as skinny as a bean pole. His legs are long and not appearing to be very muscular, arms as well, tanned brown by the Ierne sun. His hand is broad but his fingers are slender and callused by hard rough work. His ears are a little on the large side, sticking out from the mess that is his hair to make sure everyone can see them.
He's wearing a light weight olive hued V-neck shirt. It dives down only to stop, getting laced closed before it even hits the middle of his chest. A pair of dark mud hued boots are laced tightly around his feet and a black pair of pants billow out from being tucked into said boots. A tan hued work-belt is attached to his middle, random assortment of woodworking tools can be found fastened to loops or tied via strips of hide—as well as his riding goggles if they aren't around his head.
He appears to be 39 Turns, 12 months, and 24 days old.


Once upon a time at Telgar Weyr, there was a greenrider, Vyera and after several turns of being a rider, and never having become pregnant, there was one flight that did her in. A brownrider, by the name of Ri'et, was unable to hold his lifemate back and he pursued the green in a very short flight. Vyera was nearly forty turns by this point, and figured she'd never bear a child, all trips between keeping her free from motherhood. But that's not how the fates would have it and Vyera and Ri'et became the new parents. Ri'et was young, barely out of his weyrlinghood, but when he found out the news that he would be a dad, he was happy and more than glad to dote on Vyera. Because he was so excited at the thought of becoming a father Vyera decided to try to keep the child, and needless to say, before Vinyet was born into the world, the pair found themselves falling in love and eventually weyrmated.
Being that Vinyet was born to a couple that was excited to have him, he was not fostered off right away, but raised by both of his parents as best they could. While they were gone quite often, he still had a pretty normal life. When the boy was older, he found himself drawn to working with his hands and was encouraged by his father to join a craft. Woodcrafting seemed to fit, and the boy was taken in under the wing of the posted Journeyman who was living at the weyr. The turns flew by, his training postponed by the two times he had gotten searched and stood unsuccessfully impressing. It was right before Vinyet was going to be promoted from Senior Apprentice to Journeyman that he found himself standing once more for the eggs gracing the Telgarian sands. His parents had always thought he was going to impress a blue or green, his love of life, playful jokester attitude was something both of them agreed a dragon would love. But when bronze Zhesth made his way over to the young man, his parents were pleasantly surprised.
Life was going well for V'yet. Weyrlinghood flew by and when the young queen from the clutch rose in her first mating flight, Zhesth was quick on her tail. Unfortunately he was overly excited and not paying attention to one of the older, more experienced bronzes and ended up injured. It wasn't something that would keep him from flying for the rest of his life, but it was serious enough that V'yet was ordered to move to Ierne Weyrhold in order for his lifemate to recuperate. Leaving his parents was not something he wanted to do, but once he established himself down in Ierne he enjoyed the warmer weather and decided he would just stay, working more on his craft and things he enjoyed. It's been over ten turns and he still happily resides in Ierne.


Name Relation Location Position
Ri'et Father Telgar Weyr Brownrider
Vyera Mother Telgar Weyr Greenrider
Keelyra Daughter Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Draval Son Western Weyr Weyrbrat



Bronze Zhesth
When Zhesth was a hatchling, he was as shinny as a new penny, gleaming bronze from snout to tail tip. But time has eroded him to a dark bronze, and near black slips down his great angular head, long firm neck, his robust body and finally it slinks down his medium length tail. From afar the aged copper seems to consume all that the dragon is, but upon closer inspection there is a spattering of olive all across his hide. It is as if the sky has opened up and rained down droplets of water, washing away the endless sea of darkness to allow the olive hue to seep through. Small rivers of this green-ish hue slip and slide down the curves of Zhesth's body, trickling down his back and sides before it pools at his belly and puddles around his paws. His claws are a shade or two darker than the olive hue, mixing with the metallic glitter of bronze. His wings are great sails that billow up from his sides and when extended one can see the stormy colors on their tops, dark gray, black, and copper mixed into a roiling thundercloud. Electric zigzags of white sear down across the underside of his wings, mixing with the olive hued droplets that spatter down across the soft flesh.

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