Bluerider Vaelin


About five feet in height and with a rather pudgy face, the young girl standing before you looks to be no older than fourteen turns. Inches of baby fat still line the rounded, dimpled and freckled face, and multi-faceted yet sleepy hazel eyes out from raggedly cut and kept bangs. The rest of her hair - red, a darker rusty shade of it at that - is cut short enough to not be troublesome, yet long enough so that it can just as easily be pulled into a ponytail.

Her frame is that of a young girl in development, as well. She has a rather awkward yet confident, paradoxical stance to her when standing, like one in a constant state of waking sleep. Her shoulders are in the middle of being broad and narrow, attached to long arms with dainty hands at their ends. The girl's legs are thicker than most, as is her middle, but by no means is she 'fat'. Just… a work in progress.

Currently, she is wearing a white tunic; peering out from beneath is a knot marking her as an Ista Weyr resident and Igen Weyr candidate.


he is her mother's daughter, and though all the Weyr knows it, no one seems to care.

Which is good, because that is the way Vaeline would probably prefer things.

The daughter of former Istan Weyrwoman Saelis and brown rider N'Shral of Western, Vaeline was both conceived and born during one of her mother's frequent recess periods to the Western Weyr area. She grew up as one of the many children fostered by mothers at Half Moon Bay Hold, where her grandparents resided, and as such, she got the privelege of enjoying a somewhat standard childhood. Only at age 7 was she shifted into a Weyr environment — to Western Weyr, where her father lived — and then at the age of 10 she was moved from Western to Ista.

As a result of being raised outside of her mother's self-perceived "glowlight", Vaeline grew up to be rather normal. Rarely interacting with either of her parents as per their jobs, she became more independent as the years went by. She never picked up on her mother's ambitiousness, and she usually instead tends to be a more quiet sort of leader. Around Ista Weyr, she has usually ended up helping around the kitchens or at the docks with dolphineers.


Name Relation Location Position
Saelis Mother Ista Weyr Rider of Gold Daeslynth
N'shral Father Western Weyr




Organizationally Challenged Blue Prosseth

Rather scruffy looking even with his fine jacket of navy, this dragon can be said to be rather rangy looking with his thin build and almost rumpled appearance. His face has a gentle look to it, no harsh lines are found here with the softly curved snout, well set eyes and low eyeridges all that hold a simply created denim blue. Long lines of his neck stretch into wide, thin shoulders before reaching back into his lengthy back. While his body seems rather scrawny, the deepening blues broken by jagged lines of bronze and a hint of sea green, his wings are beauty personified. His spars stretch outward in graceful arcs sapphire while sails are the color of a springtime sky, light and airy with a patterning of more silvered blues that capture light when wings are extended for flight. Chest and belly, lighten to a patch pale blue that shadows play over to give the appearance of wrinkles while legs both fore and rear darken to deepest midnight blue over feet and claws. Now it would almost be expected that his tail would follow the uneven lines and colors of his body but really it is here on this long, sweeping length that everything is as it should be, colors are even navy once again right down to the spade that rests at the end.

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