Portrayed By Jamie Dornan
Gender Male
Aliases Xane
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
Current Location Western Weyr
Occupation Guard Recruit / Candidate


Light brown hair seems to have last been cut several months ago, as small tufts of the unruly stuff sticks up every which way around this young man's head. Sideburns darken into a slightly more earthy brown as they continue into a fully yet well kempt beard and mustache. Sea green eyes are framed by full eyebrows of the same shade as the rest of his facial hair. A strong nose and chin further define Xander's facial features. This young man is built sturdy; well muscled arms and legs hinting of turns of athleticism. Of average height, he certainly isn't the most imposing of men, but his lean form seems to suit him well from his transition to manhood.

Xander's ensemble is kept simple, and easy for traveling. A white collared button-down shirt remains un-tucked from a pair of tailored dark brown pants. Held up at the waist by a dark brown leather belt, the pants boast side and rear pockets and brush the top of a pair of well worn moccasin style shoes that can be easily slipped on and off depending on the mood of the wearer. Around his neck he wears a simple cord with a small chunk of metal attached like a charm with a wire loop.


Xander is constantly searching for /something/, even if he's not quite sure what that /something/ is. He's found a kind of solace in the Guards, a way to clear his head and focus rather than dream away his life, which is why he has traveled so far to maintain that kind of hold on his inner peace. He keeps to himself a good bit, often preferring the company of runnerbeasts to humans, but that's not to say he's not friendly, he's just often rather shy. When one finds themselves smack dab in the middle of a large family, it's easy to take the 'strong and silent' kind of role — it at least means one isn't any trouble. He can be rather charming when he wants to be, and it would take a very special person indeed to pin this guy down. Romance just isn't on his mind. Vigilance. Diligence. Discipline. Those are his mistresses, and with new goals being set in front of him as a prospective member of the Western Weyr guard, he will only become more devoted to them.


Xander hails from Half Moon Bay Hold, where his family has worked for several generations in the Hold's stables. The middle child of five, Xander spent his childhood with no lack for playmates or adventure, and could, as rumor has it, ride a runner before he could walk. (But that's just what the old Aunties crow about.) His parents, Samander and Xenalia, are simple people with simple ambitions. Xander was not so. In his younger teenage years he got the itch to just /do/ something /else/, and thus, he joined the Hold's somewhat lax guards as means of keeping himself busy. He still had plenty of time to ride in his perhaps far too often spare time and look after his two younger siblings. In his later teens, however, this was again not enough.. and he asked what in his parents' minds was unthinkable: to leave the Hold. His father spent a good sevenday trying to change his mind, but at seventeen turns, and with other children ready and willing to take over his minimal stable duties, there was nothing holding him back. Thus, this young man has traveled to Western Weyr. challenge to himself. Spending the first few days simply acclimating to the climate and the people, it is likely that Xander would soon join their Guard corp and resume his training.

Whether fortunately or unfortunately that was not to be, as he was soon approached by Zi'on to stand for the current clutch on Western's sands, leaving him white knotted rather than guard knotted for the time being.


Name Age Relation Location Position Adoptable
Samander 40 Turns (+23 Turns) Father Half Moon Bay Hold Stablemaster No
Xenalia 38 Turns (+21 Turns) Mother Half Moon Bay Hold Kitchen Worker No


While Xander has yet to impress anything in the draconic fashion, he has seemed to have attracted a certain (unwanted) companion of sorts.

~ Name ~ Species
Spiddy Spiderclaw


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